High visibility polo shirts are a key garment during the high-temperature months for all construction, traffic control, road work or outdoor workers in general.

In addition to being a mandatory PPE in most of these types of jobs, T2S Ibérica’s high visibility polo shirts are also lightweight, comfortable, and very cool, making them ideal for working in hot conditions.

So, if you are looking for this type of clothing to equip your workers during the summer, below we present all the options from our catalog.

T2S Ibérica’s high visibility polo shirts

At T2S Ibérica, we have a wide variety of high visibility polo shirt models. On the catalog on our website, you can find a long list of models for women and men, long and short-sleeved.

Camiseta BAHÍA

High visibility polo shirts for women with ergonomic fit and great flexibility

The Bahia shirt for women is made with technical mesh with high moisture transfer and antibacterial treatment. It stands out for being lightweight, silky to the touch, and extremely flexible, thanks to its segmented microspheric RETHIOTEX® retroreflective tape applied by heat.

For the summer, it is important to highlight that its mesh has UPF 30+ sun protection, which is ideal for caring for the skin and preventing skin diseases in workers during the months when UV radiation is more potent.

This shirt can be complemented with other high visibility clothing for women that we have in our catalog, such as the California parka, the softshell for women, and waterproof pants.

High visibility work polo shirts and shirts for men

For men, we have a wide range of high visibility polo shirts, t-shirts, and shirts. With different models, different fits, and sizes ranging from S to 3XL, these types of garments have an ergonomic design that adapts perfectly to all body types.

BALI long-sleeve shirt: it is made of Nittex Ultra Light knit mesh, which makes it a lightweight and breathable garment. Thanks to its segmented RETHIOTEX® retroreflective tape, it is also a flexible and elastic PPE.

It has no internal seams, which provides unbeatable comfort. In addition, it complies with the EN 13758-2 standard on UV sun protection.

TAKAMAKA polo shirt: The TAKAMAKA polo shirt is made of high moisture transfer mesh, which keeps the user’s skin dry for longer. This PPE with antibacterial treatment guarantees outstanding flexibility thanks to its segmented microspheric retroreflective tape applied by heat. The air flow mesh fabric under the arms provides maximum ventilation and good breathability.

Polo Takamaka

KEY LARGO shirt: the KEY LARGO shirt is made of a polyester blend on the outside and cotton in contact with the skin. It has a segmented microspheric retroreflective tape applied by heat that makes it very comfortable. Thanks to the SUN system, it is ideal for sunny and hot days.


Check out all our high visibility polo shirts on our website catalog

At T2S Ibérica, we have a wide catalog, in which we offer a variety of high visibility polo shirts, as well as other PPEs for jobs that require this type of equipment. We invite you to check out all our products through our website.

f you have any questions, you can contact our sales team by calling +34 93 848 05 68, sending an email to [email protected], or through our contact form. We will be delighted to advise you!