Discover the wide range of high visibility clothing that T2S Ibérica can offer you.

Our company, T2S Ibérica, specializes in the manufacture and distribution of high-visibility items for road signs, road safety and personal safety. The wide range of products we offer to our customers meets the existing needs of the market. In addition, all our products meet perfectly the highest demands and expectations of our customers.  

The main product lines offered by T2S Ibérica are: hi-visibility PPE work wear, road marking beacons, with multiple vehicle marking kits, including reflective film for making traffic signs, and a diverse catalogue with interesting solutions for road safety.

high visibility clothing classes

Types of hi-visibility clothing

The best selection of high visibility clothing on the market can be found at T2S Ibérica without any doubt. High visibility workwear is essential to avoid accidents, especially nowadays, when there are more mishaps than ever before. 

But how is signalling clothing classified? It is divided into a total of three classes that vary according to the minimum surfaces of the background material and the retro-reflective material that make up the piece of clothing. This is due to the level of protection provided by the garments chosen.

high visibility clothing classes

Class 3 clothing

Class 3 high-visibility clothing includes those garments that provide the highest level of visibility (better perception of arms and legs). They are used in jobs where there are many more risks and serious hazards, in addition to the accompaniment of bad weather and being in proximity to high-speed traffic.

Class 2 clothing

Clothing that should be worn in activities where bad weather is known to occur. They also provide greater visibility for workers who distract attention from traffic.

high visibility clothing classes
high visibility clothing classes

Class 1 clothing

These garments have been specially designed so that workers can be seen in full visibility through traffic. The main purpose of this type of clothing is to ensure that there is a sufficient safety distance between the worker and existing traffic.

How to choose which type of hi-visibility clothing is the most suitable?

high visibility clothing classes

We will now explain the criteria that should be considered when choosing which type of hi-visibility clothing is the most suitable for your work or circumstances. 

Current regulations state that high visibility clothing is considered to be clothing that has been specially designed so that a worker or operator can be seen in any kind of risk or danger. High-visibility protective clothing should be worn when in proximity to traffic or in an emergency where it is necessary to identify the persons responsible.

That is why it is so important to know what kind of high visibility clothing to choose and to rely on true reflective workwear professionals. We have been advising public and private entities on road and personal safety issues for more than three decades.

If you have any doubts about how to choose the right type 3 visibility clothing or any other question, do not hesitate and contact T2S Ibérica.

Where to buy quality hi-visibility clothing

At TS2 Ibérica, we can advise you on the hi-visibility clothing you need that is ideal for the job. Likewise, in our catalogue you will be able to choose from a wide range of options that will be able to cover all your needs. We can explain which models of hi-visibility work waistcoats are the most widely used, which garments form part of our latest catalogue or which products in our catalogue are sized for men and women.

Find your ideal hi-visibility clothing for work at T2S Ibérica.

If you are unsure about your choice and are not sure which hi-visibility outfits your team members should wear, contact us. Write to us at or call us on 93 848 05 68, and we will help you select the right option. Leave your team’s high visibility clothing in the hands of T2S.