What makes softshell work jackets so special in harsh climates?

In essence, this is a jacket which is highly resistant to wind and rain, and has great insulating power. This makes it very suitable for working in environments where harsh weather conditions are common. But, how is the jacket such a strong insulator? The answer is found in its composition. These jackets are manufactured with woven nylon or polyester which, due to their elasticity, give them very special characteristics; they are breathable while being resistant to the outside elements.

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Softshell jacket for work

The layered composition of softshell jackets provides great protection for workers, allowing enough air to flow in and out to regulate body temperature, whilst also shielding them from wind and rain.

These jackets have been standard for a long time in the world of hiking and in sports activities in environments characterised by cold climates. But they have also been standard in the workplace, as essential PPE for the protection of workers who carry out their work outdoors. However, the professional softshell work jacket is an item that offers both safety – allowing workers to be easily seen – and protection from the weather.

The versatility and characteristics of softshell work jackets

Softshell work jackets are very versatile items. Their removable sleeves allow the worker to use them as they find most comfortable depending on the weather conditions.

Softshell jacket models allow the worker to adjust the cuffs to make them as practical as possible. The biker cuff is the tightest of all, then the fluted cuff and, finally, the hook and loop cuff gives the loosest fit.

The fitting of the item around the waist can be tightened or loosened, according to the user’s preference and taste, allowing great freedom of movement.

In addition, it is also very important that they include elements that allow the worker to keep the essential objects they need for each task safe on their possession. Using the jacket together with a raincoat, offers ideal protection from the rain. Softshell jackets are water repellent, but in extreme rain it is advisable to use them together with raincoats.

We must also highlight that they are very durable. The fabric with which they are made is rigid and does not form the typical “balls” or lint from wear and tear. In addition, this toughness makes them more repellent to hair and dirt.

Finally, we must bear in mind that as an essential jacket for outdoor work, it must offer protection in low visibility in addition to protection against adverse weather. Consequently, the softshell jacket is made of high visibility fabric and includes retro-reflective tape that makes the user visible in these types of settings and conditions.

Different types of softshell work jackets

The Babylone softhell jacket is ideal for use between seasons. It protects from the weather, but at the same time also provides high visibility. It is made of a reflective fabric, which includes a segmented retro-reflective tape. It is also reversible, offering the option of a black urban jacket on the non-reflective side.

If what you are looking for is shielding from electromagnetic radiation emitted from mobile phones, the Sherpa softhell jacket is the best option. It offers the necessary protection thanks to the ONDE-BRELLA fabric made from metallic fibres. In addition to protection against adverse weather conditions, it is also high vis.

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As you can see, the versatility of softshell jackets offers something for every worker and their needs. T2S Iberica has a large catalogue of softshell work jackets, with a view to fully adapting to the specific needs of each client, sector and task.