Discover the wide range of high-visibility clothing that T2S Ibérica can offer you

Our company, T2S Ibérica, is a leader in the manufacturing and distribution of an extensive range of high-visibility items dedicated to road signage, road safety, and personal safety.

Our diversified product range not only meets but often exceeds the demands and expectations of the current market. Furthermore, we take pride in confirming that each of our products meets the highest requirements and expectations of our customers, thanks to rigorous quality controls.

To provide a more detailed overview, our main product lines include high-visibility PPE clothing designed to ensure maximum safety in hazardous work environments.

We also offer state-of-the-art road signage reflectors, accompanied by multiple vehicle marking kits for various needs. In addition, our specialized reflective sheeting is used in the production of high-quality traffic signs. All of this, along with a diverse catalog of innovative road safety solutions, positions T2S Ibérica prominently in the industry.

Classes of high-visibility clothing

Classes of high-visibility clothing

If you’re looking for the most comprehensive and high-quality selection of high-visibility clothing on the market, look no further than T2S Ibérica. Our high-visibility workwear is not only essential for minimizing the risk of accidents but in the current context, marked by an increase in incidents, it becomes more crucial than ever to ensure safety in the workplace.

Now, you may be wondering, how is the signaling clothing we offer classified? It is organized into three distinct classes, each of which varies based on the minimum surface area of the background material and retroreflective material that make up each garment. This classification system is designed to adapt to the level of protection that different work environments require, allowing you to choose the most suitable garment for your specific needs.

 classes of high-visibility clothing

High-visibility clothing of Class 3

Class 3 high-visibility clothing represents the highest level in terms of visibility and safety, designed to provide optimal perception of limbs, including arms and legs.

These garments are especially recommended for work environments where risks are high, and dangers are more serious, such as nighttime operations, adverse weather conditions, or areas close to high-speed traffic.

They are not only essential for the safety of the worker but also comply with the strictest quality standards and regulations in the industry.

High-visibility clothing of Class 2

Class 2 high-visibility garments are specifically designed to be worn in work activities that take place under inclement weather conditions.

In addition to providing proper protection against the elements, these garments significantly enhance the visibility of workers, helping divert the attention of nearby traffic towards them.

This feature is particularly useful in environments where attention and visibility are crucial to minimizing risks, such as roads with moderate traffic or low-light conditions.

classes of high-visibility clothing
 classes of high-visibility clothing

High-visibility clothing of Class 1

Class 1 high-visibility clothing is meticulously designed to ensure that workers are fully visible to nearby traffic.

The primary goal of this type of attire is to establish an appropriate safety distance between the worker and the surrounding traffic.

Ideal for lower-risk environments or reduced traffic situations, these garments act as a first line of defense, enhancing safety by allowing drivers to identify workers from a safe distance.

Their design complies with basic visibility standards, making them suitable for jobs in moderate lighting and visibility conditions, such as warehouses or construction work with lower exposure to vehicular risks.

How to choose which class of high-visibility clothing is the most suitable?

High-visibility clothing

Below, we will thoroughly detail the key criteria to consider when selecting the most suitable class of high-visibility clothing for your workplace, activity, or specific circumstances.

According to current regulations, high-visibility clothing is classified as garments designed with the explicit purpose of ensuring that workers, operators, and anyone wearing them are clearly visible in situations where there are varying levels of risk or danger. This type of protective clothing is particularly essential in contexts such as roadworks, industrial areas, or any environment close to vehicular traffic.

Furthermore, it becomes an invaluable resource in emergency situations, such as fires or rescues, where it is crucial to quickly identify responsible individuals or intervention personnel.

Choosing the right attire not only impacts an individual’s safety but also the overall effectiveness of operations. Therefore, it is crucial to rely on experts in reflective workwear to ensure maximum protection and compliance with safety standards.

With over three decades of experience in the industry, we have established ourselves as leaders in advising both public and private entities on issues related to road and personal safety. Our extensive track record and specialized knowledge enable us to provide personalized recommendations and tailor-made solutions that precisely fit the specific needs and challenges of each client or project.

Where to buy high-visibility clothing at the best price and highest quality?

At T2S Ibérica, we can advise you on the high-visibility clothing you need that is ideal for your work. Likewise, in our catalog, you can choose from a wide range of options that can cover all required needs. We can explain which models of high-visibility work vests are most commonly used, which garments are part of our latest catalog, or which products in our catalog have sizing for both men and women.

If you’re unsure about your choice and not sure which high-visibility outfits your team members should wear, please contact us. Write to us at [email protected] or call us at 93 848 05 68 and we will help you select the right option. Leave your team’s high-visibility clothing in the hands of T2S.