The year 2022 has been an excellent year for us. From T2S Ibérica we are very proud of what we have achieved working as a team and striving day after day. We also feel an obligation to thank all those companies and people who have trusted us, our products and our experience and have made us grow. 

This 2022 has been a magnificent year for our company. Together, we have achieved that in all the families of products we have grown in number of sales. Thanks to this, we closed 2022 being the best year in the history of T2S Ibérica in terms of turnover. 

A 2023 full of ambitious goals

We will promote high visibility clothing

If we want the record of success of T2S Ibérica to continue growing, we cannot stop, and we must continue betting on achieving ambitious goals and challenges. 2023 arrives full of them. 

First, we want to give the final boost to our range of high-visibility clothing. Achieving this involves the direct sale to individuals of this type of garment and their prescription in the areas of private enterprise and also public administration. We are willing to carry out training and didactic talks so that prevention technicians from both areas can know what characteristics and benefits should be included in the clauses for contracting services of high-visibility equipment. 

2022 T2S Iberian rating

We are committed to the labelling of emergency vehicles

Secondly, we will work on the incorporation of new products to our catalogue, especially in the field of emergency vehicle signage. In fact, we have incorporated new members to the T2S Ibérica team to be able to have more hands dedicated to it. 

2022 T2S Iberian rating

The challenge of online sales to end customers

Another challenge that we will address this year is that of online sales. We will do this primarily through Amazon. However, we are also working to make our way into other marketplaces. 

We will make high-visibility clothing for women, one of our flagships

2023 will also be the year in which we will continue betting on becoming a benchmark in high-visibility clothing for women. Our products designed for them are completely ergonomic, comfortable and offer optimal protection.

Leaders in asphalt repair products

In our catalogue, we have a line of products designed to refer to potholes and cracks in the asphalt. The Chipfill and Rollgrip are perfect for fast, agile repairs with excellent results. Considering that few new roads are expected to be built by 2023 and many resources will be invested in repairing and refurbishing existing ones; It can be an exceptional opportunity to enhance our products designed for it.

2022 T2S Iberian rating

A 2023 of opportunities

We have ahead of us a year full of challenges and opportunities to consolidate ourselves as leaders in our sector in the peninsula and part of the European market. This 2023 we will continue working and striving to be better every day and offer an excellent service to our customers.