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T2S Ibérica has always been at the forefront of road safety in Spain, putting all the technological advances in retro-reflective materials at the service of road and personal safety.

Looking for the best quality in standard vehicle wrapping films?

Well, you should know that our company is dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of high visibility items applied to road marking and road safety. With an extensive catalogue, we can offer you vehicle marking kits, with the quality coming from ORAFOL and its retro-reflective films, ideal for vehicle signage.

That’s why at T2S Ibérica you can find all kinds of standard and approved reflective tapes and films for vehicle lettering. Our films meet the requirements of colour and retro-reflection and have passed a specific approval for use on public roads.

Which models of standard vehicle wrapping films can you find at T2S Ibérica?

T2S Ibérica has four models of reflective films available for high-quality commercial vehicle fleet signage: Oralite VC 612 RA, Oralite VC 412 RA, Oralite 5650 RA and Oralite 5600. All of them incorporate Rapid Air technology that facilitates its application in a quick and easy way, reducing the incidence of bubbles and wrinkles. 

They have a durability of 7 years, and some models are available in up to 11 different colours. They are easy to cut, highly resistant to industrial washing and in case they need to be removed they can be made in one piece.


Designed for high-quality commercial fleet lettering. The product is designed for permanent applications. 

Available in rolls of 10, 25 or 50 meters with standard widths of 610 mm and 1235 mm with a level III microprismatic monolayer. It is a flexible product, repositionable and able to meet the requirements of different vehicle shapes. It is easy to cut, there is no need to seal the edges, and it withstands mechanized washing. They can be removed in one piece without difficulty. It lasts up to 7 years and is suitable for both standard and fluorescent colours.


Flexible product, adaptable to curved surfaces and designed for high-quality commercial fleet wrapping. Rapid Air® technology allows for quick and easy application that reduces the incidence of bubbles and wrinkles, especially on large applications. The bonded product is designed for permanent applications. 

Available in 25 or 50 metre rolls in standard widths of 610 mm and 1235 mm. It does not require edge sealing and is available in 7 different colours. Its useful life is 5 years.


With a microspherical I-level, it has been specially designed for high-quality commercial vehicle wrapping. Rapid Air® technology allows for quick and easy application. 

It is packaged in rolls of 25 or 50 meters in standard widths: 610 mm and 1235 mm. It is a flexible retroreflective film for vehicle wrapping with a special cast PVC top sheet. 

It stands out for its excellent printability, whether by solvent-based inkjet, UV inks, latex inks or screen printing. Its durability is estimated at 7 years.


These are standard sheets with a reflective film with a cast PVC surface. It has a good adaptation in grooves and rivets and its packaging comes from 25 m or 50 m reels. 

Ideal for long-term outdoor advertising, its solvent polyacrylate can be removed by applying heat. It can last up to 7 years.

Do you need additional information for your vehicle lettering?

T2S Ibérica will guide you to inform you about reflective signage for your fleet of vehicles. We are a company specialized in the manufacture and distribution of all types of high visibility products for both signage and personal safety.

Our team is well-trained and has the experience and technical knowledge of the sector. We provide our customers with solutions in line with their needs. 

For more information about any of the products in our catalogue, please do not hesitate to contact us through the contact form on the website, write to us at [email protected] or call us on 93 848 05 68.


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