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Each T2S Ibérica reflective vest with led lights is designed to make the person wearing it visible. Mostly, they work by reflecting back some of the light they receive, and because of this, they project more than 90% of the visibility provided by normal clothing. This feature makes reflective vests with LED lights essential pieces for outdoor work, construction, traffic, some types of sports, among many others in any lighting condition, especially when it comes to night hours.


Reflective vests with led lights: guarantee of maximum visibility 

Reflective vests with led lights guarantee visibility, are comfortable, easy to use, do not impede movement and are made of the best materials to provide the highest quality. 

The LED lighting system is integrated, for this reason they allow maximum light projection. Most companies that have outdoor workers find reflective vests with LED lights the perfect garment so that employees can be easily identified in the environment and thus avoid accidents.

Whether in the dark or under normal conditions, these garments ensure that personnel are seen, even from several meters away. Depending on the model chosen, they also help protect workers from rain and other weather conditions such as cold and wind.


Types of reflective vests with existing LED lights 

There are various models of reflective vests with LED lights on the market that adapt to the needs of each company. These are some of the most common:

  1. Safety Vest: They are made of fluorescent mesh material, they have LED strips that allow absolute day and night visibility.
  2. Detachable Jackets: They are the most modern models. They are designed to, in addition to making those who wear them visible, protect against the cold. They can be used with or without pockets.
  3. Vests with Pockets: These are very common designs that have pockets so that workers can comfortably carry their tools. They are widely used in construction work.
  4. Bib-type vests: These are basic models that have LED strips. They are generally used in busy avenues and in construction work, they are also often worn by athletes.


¿What is the best reflective vest with LED lights? 


Currently, there are a wide variety of models of reflective vests with LED lights on the market. Mentioning which is the best of all depends on the needs of who uses it and the functions that are sought in them. However, there are some that stand out from all of them and that you can find in the T2S Ibérica catalogue.




The ANNAPURNA LED Parka is not a traditional model, although it is designed to provide maximum visibility in any condition, it also fulfills the function of protecting the wearer from the cold, since it has a fixed fleece lining. 

This model is comfortable even in the most extreme weather conditions. Its detachable design allows it to be worn with or without sleeves.

One of the characteristics that makes it unique is that it has a collar and pockets lined with micromink. No other reflective vest with LED lights on the market has it. The fastening system is one of the most efficient, since they have incorporated a closure on the neck and on the cuff. 

Added microspherical retroreflective tape ensures day and night visibility. In addition to the security it provides, it is a garment that provides comfort. It is manufactured in a variety of sizes and colors.




This SAFARI LED vest model has been made of micro-perforated mesh. The feature that makes it unique in the market is that it is ultra-breathable and has an integrated autonomous light system. It provides a high degree of visibility, because it has 11 high-brightness LED lights that last 16 hours.

This system can be recharged via a USB cable in just five hours. The batteries are lithium ion. As soon as the battery begins to run out, it emits an alert to start the charging process. For greater comfort for those who use it, it has multiple pockets and a 100% breathable polyester mesh fabric.

It allows three lighting modes: slow flashing, fast flashing and continuous light on its four retroreflective strips. In addition, it is manufactured in various sizes. If you want to know more about our Safari Led vest, do not hesitate to ask us.


Comfortable, versatile and of the best quality. So is this model of reflective vest with led lights. It has been made of 100% polyester fluorescent woven mesh. Two microspherical retroreflective tapes were incorporated to achieve maximum visibility during the day and at night. It is very comfortable to wear, because it has an adjustable central hook and loop closure. It can be put on and taken off without complications. It is available in yellow, orange and in all sizes.



Find the best reflective vests with led lights at T2S Ibérica 


LED reflective workwear is indispensable for various work sectors. These types of garments have special characteristics that make them visible in any type of environment, especially in the dark. This is its importance:

  • Helps prevent occupational accidents, especially in high-risk environments;
  • They are designed to provide comfort to employees. Allows workers to perform their tasks with freedom of movement;
  • Helps employees to be easily seen in different environments;
  • Save costs in companies, because they have more accessible prices.

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