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In T2S you will find a wide range of high visibility workwear for your company

High visibility clothing at work is an indispensable safety element for workers in a company. As a high visibility PPE element, it is vital to be able to have any type of garment that helps us to be seen in our work environment.

T2S Ibérica is the reference company in retroreflective materials in the Iberian Peninsula. We are leaders in the manufacture of high visibility parts, including the most innovative materials on the market, and becoming a benchmark in the sector. Our trajectory supports us, a company founded in 1991, we advise public and private entities in terms of road and personal safety.

Which piece of high visibility clothing are you looking for?
We offer you the widest range of high visibility clothing and accessories for the workplace.

T-Shirts: Don’t compromise on comfort. All our T-shirts are sewn without internal seams for unbeatable comfort, as they do not rub against the skin. In addition, the mesh fabric provides optimum breathability thanks to its airflow. All these advantages can be found in the long-sleeved and short-sleeved models. We also offer polo shirts with flameproof protection.

Vests: It is one of the most used pieces of high visibility clothing. In T2S Ibérica you will find different models of high visibility vests. Manufactured with breathable fabric and RETHIOEX® micro-spherical retro-reflective tape that guarantee optimum visibility both day and night. Vest models are available in the three high-visibility regulatory colours: yellow, orange and orange-red. We have the only high visibility LED vest on the market, which includes 11 high brightness LEDs and an autonomy of 16 hours.

Jackets: The high visibility jacket you are looking for can be found in T2S Ibérica. We have in our catalogue different models of jackets that adapt to the needs of each person. 

Softshell: a type of jacket that gives great freedom of movement, elastic and fits close to the body to ensure thermal protection. They are windproof and water-repellent.

Detachable jackets: Ideal for any season. Its detachable sleeves allow us to adapt the piece according to the weather.

Raincoats: Waterproof yet breathable and very lightweight. They have a mesh lining for constant airflow for optimal comfort. They can be customized thanks to the Mark & Scratch concept without affecting their waterproofing.

Backpacks: Our high-capacity backpacks (30 litres) guarantee high visibility in dangerous conditions. They are waterproof, lightweight and weather resistant. They also have an ergonomic padded backrest that makes them easy and comfortable to carry.

Armbands: This piece helps us to complement the visibility of the extremities of the body. We have armbands for both day and night visibility. You will find them with different types of closures, adjustments, and sizes. In addition, if you wish, we have models of armbands that can be customized.

Pants: They grant total protection against rain and wind. Made of Wovetex fabric, they are waterproof without sacrificing breathability and guarantee the wearer optimum resistance, flexibility, and comfort. If desired, the T2S high visibility trousers can be used with elastic and adjustable straps that guarantee an optimal grip.

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Innovation in High Visibility Clothing

T2S Ibérica’s catalogue features the most innovative hi-visibility workwear on the market. We are talking about reflective workwear with LEDs, garments that provide even more visibility to the person who wears them.

The ANNAPURNA detachable jacket case offers unbeatable protection against cold and rain. In addition to the RETHIOTEX® micro-spherical retro-reflective tape, there are 11 high-brightness LEDs, 6 on the front and 5 on the back. It has a lithium-ion battery rechargeable via a USB port and once charged has an autonomy of 16 hours. We can use it in three lighting modes: slow flashing, fast flashing and continuous light. Finally, the LED lights have a low battery warning system.

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Find everything you are looking for in terms of high visibility clothing for your workers. We can also advise you on how to personalize the garments with your company logo. Do not hesitate to contact us to solve any question regarding materials, sizes, or customization of garments, just fill in the questionnaire you will find on the website!

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