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In T2S you will find a wide range of high visibility workwear for your company

High visibility clothing at work is an indispensable safety element for workers in a company. As a high visibility PPE element, it is vital to be able to have any type of garment that helps us to be seen in our work environment.

T2S Ibérica is the reference company in retroreflective materials in the Iberian Peninsula. We are leaders in the manufacture of high visibility parts, including the most innovative materials on the market, and becoming a benchmark in the sector. Our trajectory supports us, a company founded in 1991, we advise public and private entities in terms of road and personal safety.

Which piece of high visibility clothing are you looking for?
We offer you the widest range of high visibility clothing and accessories for the workplace.

T-Shirts: Don’t compromise on comfort. All our T-shirts are sewn without internal seams for unbeatable comfort, as they do not rub against the skin. In addition, the mesh fabric provides optimum breathability thanks to its airflow. All these advantages can be found in the long-sleeved and short-sleeved models. We also offer polo shirts with flameproof protection.

Vests: It is one of the most used pieces of high visibility clothing. In T2S Ibérica you will find different models of high visibility vests. Manufactured with breathable fabric and RETHIOEX® micro-spherical retro-reflective tape that guarantee optimum visibility both day and night. Vest models are available in the three high-visibility regulatory colours: yellow, orange and orange-red. We have the only high visibility LED vest on the market, which includes 11 high brightness LEDs and an autonomy of 16 hours.

Jackets: The high visibility jacket you are looking for can be found in T2S Ibérica. We have in our catalogue different models of jackets that adapt to the needs of each person. 

Softshell: a type of jacket that gives great freedom of movement, elastic and fits close to the body to ensure thermal protection. They are windproof and water-repellent.

Detachable jackets: Ideal for any season. Its detachable sleeves allow us to adapt the piece according to the weather.

Raincoats: Waterproof yet breathable and very lightweight. They have a mesh lining for constant airflow for optimal comfort. They can be customized thanks to the Mark & Scratch concept without affecting their waterproofing.

Backpacks: Our high-capacity backpacks (30 litres) guarantee high visibility in dangerous conditions. They are waterproof, lightweight and weather resistant. They also have an ergonomic padded backrest that makes them easy and comfortable to carry.

Armbands: This piece helps us to complement the visibility of the extremities of the body. We have armbands for both day and night visibility. You will find them with different types of closures, adjustments, and sizes. In addition, if you wish, we have models of armbands that can be customized.

Pants: They grant total protection against rain and wind. Made of Wovetex fabric, they are waterproof without sacrificing breathability and guarantee the wearer optimum resistance, flexibility, and comfort. If desired, the T2S high visibility trousers can be used with elastic and adjustable straps that guarantee an optimal grip.

Innovation in High Visibility Clothing

T2S Ibérica’s catalogue features the most innovative hi-visibility workwear on the market. We are talking about reflective workwear with LEDs, garments that provide even more visibility to the person who wears them.

The ANNAPURNA detachable jacket case offers unbeatable protection against cold and rain. In addition to the RETHIOTEX® micro-spherical retro-reflective tape, there are 11 high-brightness LEDs, 6 on the front and 5 on the back. It has a lithium-ion battery rechargeable via a USB port and once charged has an autonomy of 16 hours. We can use it in three lighting modes: slow flashing, fast flashing and continuous light. Finally, the LED lights have a low battery warning system.

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Find everything you are looking for in terms of high visibility clothing for your workers. We can also advise you on how to personalize the garments with your company logo. Do not hesitate to contact us to solve any question regarding materials, sizes, or customization of garments, just fill in the questionnaire you will find on the website!

What types or categories of hi-vis clothing are there?2024-04-04T16:50:01+02:00

According to the new EN ISO 20471 standard, there are three classes of high-visibility clothing, which differ from each other according to the level of protection they provide to the user:

  • Class 1 garments are those that provide the minimum level of protection required for those who work on private roads or who use them in conjunction with garments of higher level of protection. According to the existing regulation, this type of garments must incorporate a minimum of 0.142 m² of background material and 0.10 m² of retroreflective material.
  • Class 2 garments provide an intermediate level of protection. This level is required for people working on or near regional and local roads, and also delivery vehicle drivers. It must incorporate a minimum of 0.50 m² of background material and 0.13 m² of retroreflective material.
  • Class 3 garments are those that provide the highest level of protection. The use of garments of this type is mandatory for people working on two-way roads or motorways, or at or near airports. They must incorporate a minimum of 0.82 m² of background material and 0.20 m² of retroreflective material.
Can I find high visibility clothing specifically for women in T2S Ibérica?2024-04-04T16:50:15+02:00

At T2S Ibérica, we also produce high-visibility clothing for work specially designed for women. In this way, just as the garments of our masculine lines are designed to adapt perfectly to the body of men, the garments of women have been designed to adapt to the female body. This gives you the comfort you have when tackling work, even in the most challenging environments.

In T2S Ibérica we have a wide range of garments designed for women:

  • Bahia T-shirt: this model is made of technical mesh with high moisture transfer and has an antibacterial treatment. It stands out for its comfort, achieved in large part thanks to its segmented microspherical retroreflective tape applied by heat. To adapt to all body types, this shirt can be obtained in sizes ranging from S to 3XL.
  • Parka California: this is a high-visibility 4-in-1 parka that guarantees the highest levels of breathability and impermeability. Thanks to its elastic cut and waste, the model of this parka has been specially designed for women. Depending on the temperature, it is possible to wear it alone or with its high-visibility detachable jacket for greater protection against the cold. It can be obtained in sizes ranging from XS to L, and in fluorescent yellow and orange colours.
  • Amazone Raincoats – This raincoat is designed especially for women. It is waterproof and breathable and combines many advantages to provide the greatest protection against inclement weather. In addition, it offers optimal comfort when carrying. One of the innovative aspects that stand out most of its design is its sliding closure system, which allows the removable hood to be placed very quickly. It can be carried alone or with the Amazone softshell.
  • Softshell Amazone: is the perfect combination of comfort, warmth and visibility. It is a flexible, lightweight, elastic, ultra-soft, windproof and water-repellent garment, which combines many advantages to provide the highest protection against the cold. It can be worn alone or with the Amazone jacket.
  • Rain pants: T2S Ibérica’s high-visibility rain work pants are fully sealed. They are lightweight and resistant, and are specially designed for construction work, traffic control, road work or outdoor work in general.
How to choose high-visibility clothing for work?2024-04-04T16:50:21+02:00

When choosing high-visibility clothing for work, it is critical to keep some issues in mind. Of course, these will be different in the summer, winter and intermediate seasons, since the requirements in different seasons are different. 

  • Summer: during the coldest months of the year, we recommend selecting light, fresh garments that have UV protection. Our BALI T-shirt, for example, is made with a Nittex Ultra Light knitted mesh and RETHIOTEX® segmented retroreflective transfer that makes it lightweight, breathable, flexible and elastic. In addition, it has UV sun protection, complying with the EN 13758-2 standard.
  • Winter: During the coldest months of the year, it’s important to provide workers with multiple layers of high-visibility coat. In this way, if they have to remove the parka, for example, underneath they will have a sweatshirt or a high-visibility sweater. In T2S, we have a wide variety of parkas with an optimal level of shelter, which allow you to work comfortably outside, even on the coldest days.
  • Spring and autumn: In the intermediate seasons, it is also recommended to go outside with multiple layers of high-visibility coat, so that workers can have the freedom to adjust their level of shelter and stay safe at all times. As these are often rainy seasons, high-visibility raincoats are one of the most recommended garments to use during these seasons.

Of course, it is also essential to consider other practical issues such as, for example, the washing modality and whether they are quick-drying garments. Nor can we fail to mention the importance of the comfort of high-visibility garments, which can be noticed in the touch and flexibility of the materials, and in the shape of the models of all T2S garments, which fit perfectly to the workers.

What regulations does the high-visibility clothing offered by T2S Ibérica comply with?2024-04-04T16:49:53+02:00

In T2S Ibérica we have an extensive catalog of high visibility clothing, made under these strict production parameters and complying with the legislature and national and international standards. In our catalog you can not only find indicated in the technical sheet all the standards with which each garment complies, but also all the details of them. 

It is important to note that T2S Ibérica’s high-visibility garments are designed to comply with more than one of the international regulations at the same time. One of the clearest examples of this situation is found in the Nepal raincoat, which complies with EN ISO 20471, and additionally with EN 343 + A1 in reference to its level of impermeability and with EN 14058 for protection in cold environments.

We can also see it on the BALI shirt, whose sizes M to XXXL belong to category 3, according to the EN ISO 20471 rule, while size S belongs to category 2. Additionally, they comply with the EN 13758-2 UV sun protection standard.

What kind of high-visibility clothing will you find in the T2S Ibérica catalogue?2024-04-04T16:50:08+02:00

In our catalogue you can find high visibility clothing  for work designed especially for construction, traffic control, road work or outdoor work in general. Because the weather conditions in this type of work can be really inclement, we have ideal clothing for all climates. 

Thanks to our parkas, working days during the coldest days and nights of winter will no longer be a problem, as they provide all the necessary shelter. Thinking about the hottest days, in T2S Ibérica we have cool, light garments with UV protection. For rainy days, our raincoats provide the highest level of impermeability, which will keep users dry and with the highest level of comfort.

It is important to note that we have models specially designed for women, and others for men. In addition, all our models come in a wide range of sizes: from XS or S, to L or 3XL, depending on the garment. In this way, we seek that the clothes can fit in the best possible way to the body of all people, with the aim of providing the greatest comfort and freedom of movement to each of the users.

When is it mandatory to wear high-visibility clothing for work?2024-04-04T16:50:28+02:00

The use of high-visibility clothing for work is regulated by the ISO 45001 Standard on Safety and Health at Work, which not only applies in Spain and the rest of Europe, but also has international validity. 

This regulation is responsible for establishing which are the situations in which it is mandatory to use it. Next, 

  • When the work activity takes place in an environment with a risk of being run over because it is close to moving vehicles;
  • When the work takes place in a space with the presence of moving machines;
  • In any type of emergency situation.

These conditions apply both to workers who carry out their work during daylight hours, and those who do so at night. To comply with the standard, there are different types of materials:

  • Fluorescent clothing: serves to increase visibility in broad daylight, as it reflects UV rays, and converts them into visible light;
  • Retroreflective clothing: thanks to the material of its tapes, they reflect the light they receive, resulting in the best alternative for night work in low light conditions;
  • Combination of fluorescent and retroreflective clothing: it is the most recommended in jobs that take place in conditions with variable luminosity.


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