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T2S Ibérica is a company specializing in products for signage and personal safety. Therefore, we believe it is important to have different types of pre-printed vehicle wrapping tapes and films for vehicles, to avoid any accidents.

What are pre-printed vehicle wrapping films? 
Pre-printed vehicle wrapping films have to meet exceptional requirements to withstand any weather conditions, particularly those related to colour and retro-reflection.

Similarly, all the films that you will find in the T2S Ibérica catalogue have passed a specific homologation where the resistance to temperature, the coefficient of retro-reflection, the tolerance to water and the reflective efficiency concerning the required cleaning are checked.
Types of pre-printed vehicle wrapping films available from TS2 Ibérica 
The following pre-printed vehicle wrapping films can be found at T2S Ibérica in different roll sizes and offer excellent long-distance night visibility as the main common characteristics of the tapes. In addition, they are effortless to apply, cut and place on your vehicle.


Made especially for high-quality commercial placarding of emergency vehicle fleets. It adapts more easily to the curved shapes of vehicles, and its main advantage is that it can be bent in two directions.   


This is the most basic and is approved for emergency vehicles. It is available in two quite intense colours: fluorescent lime and red with oblique strokes in the shape of an inverted “V”. To be applied on flat surfaces only.  


Useful for manufacturing warning signs on vehicles, which can be easily removed by applying a lot of heat. It is very flexible, and its metal structure allows long durability.  


Similar to the previous one, the sheets are made for outdoor use. It has a fairly simple application and is easy to peel off.  


This type of pre-printed vehicle wrapping film is developed for use in outdoor areas for certain periods of time. They are not as strong but are very flexible. It is easy to apply, as it adapts quite well to uneven surfaces.  


This product has been specifically developed for permanent, interchangeable containers in urban areas. It is available in white with red feathering (it is wider). It is also easy to apply with a permanent poly acrylate adhesive.  


Designed to mark both permanent and interchangeable containers in urban areas. They come in kits of pre-printed retro-reflective sheets with a total of 8 pieces (4 for the right and 4 for the left). 


It is distributed in different packs and has been specifically developed to mark containers.

From T2S Ibérica, we would like to highlight the structure of these pre-printed signage films for vehicles, which prevents cracks from forming in the tape and is highly resistant to mechanized and industrial washing, offering 10-year durability.
At TS2 Ibérica, you can buy pre-printed lettering films for vehicles 
At TS2 Ibérica, we can advise you on the different pre-printed lettering films for all types of vehicles that we can offer you. Likewise, in our catalogue, you will be able to choose from numerous options that will help your vehicle to be much more noticeable, especially when visibility is low. If you are not sure about your choice, and you are not sure what type of approved reflective types of vinyl are the most suitable for your vehicle, please contact us.
Write to us at [email protected] or call us on 93 848 05 68 and we will help you select the best option for your needs.


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