All types of microprismatic retro-reflective tape are available

Reflective tapes are the key to ensure that the light is bounced back into our eyes and that we are therefore visible and thus avoid a possible accident. They are PVC tapes that make use of the principle of reflective light, but they are also flexible, easy to handle and very resistant to washing.

At T2S Ibérica we offer you a wide range of reflective tapes for your high visibility clothing. Come and discover the whole variety of models!

Wide range of microprismatic retro-reflective tape

Within the range of microprismatic retro-reflective tapes, you will find different models with additional features

  • High visibility: These tapes offer high visibility both at night and in low visibility conditions and if bad weather. They are robust pieces that are highly resistant to abrasion and washing (even industrial washing) without losing their properties, and provide excellent visibility at long distances. We have models with different patterns, such as the Oralite GP 801 check, printed to create a design of coloured squares. If we are looking for a standard reflective tape, the Oralite GP 325 model is a robust piece that offers high resistance to solvents and possible weather conditions without losing visibility.
  • Fireproof: We may find ourselves in situations where high visibility is not enough, and we need heat and flame resistance in order not to lose the visibility we are looking for. In T2S Ibérica we have flame retardant microprismatic retroreflective tapes with a high resistance to fire and that can withstand up to 100 washes without losing any of its properties as in the case of the Oralite GP 801FR model. On the other hand, in our catalogue you will find tapes used in protective clothing for firefighters, such as ORALITE® FTP 2000. It is a tape with extraordinary abrasion resistance and integral reflectivity that provides excellent visibility in low-light situations. About the Oralite FTP 2100 model, in addition to its high visibility in extreme situations and its flame resistance, its colour offers a very high level of brightness that makes it visible even in low light.

Customize microprismatic reflective tapes with your logo

T2S Ibérica’s catalogue offers microprismatic tapes with the option of personalization in compliance with the regulations for high visibility signalling clothing.

The ORALITE® GP 340 Imagine model can be personalized with your company name, logo or message, as you prefer. It is a tape with a durability of 100 domestic washes at 60º without losing properties. It is available in various colours: white, grey, black, green, blue, navy blue and salmon.

ORALITE® GP 340 Shadow adds a unique shaded effect to the personalization. It is a ribbon that can include your company name or a specific message. As with all other ribbons available from T2S Iberica, this model, even when personalized, offers great durability and excellent wash-resistant properties without any loss of colour or visibility. It offers excellent night reflection and is available in white and lime.

Do you need to know more about our microprismatic reflective tapes?

T2S Ibérica is a company specialized in all types of high visibility materials and has been a reference in the sector for more than 30 years. If you have any doubts about any of our microprismatic reflective tapes, just write us through our form, call us on +34 93 848 05 68 or email us to [email protected] and our team of specialists will resolve your doubts.

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