Why is it important to fit a light curtain?

The fitting of a bollard barrier reflector is essential to ensure the correct visibility of this road safety element. Safety barriers or bollards are used as vehicle restraint barriers on roads and public highways. Their effectiveness in greatly reducing the negative consequences and roadway exits due to accidents or crashes has been widely proven.

Bionic barriers also play a key role in preventing falls down steep slopes or encroachment onto other roads. They are essential on roads with a certain degree of danger and on curves.

Characteristics of bionic or metal barriers

The following are some attributes of this type of barriers that make them an essential element in the field of road signalling and safety.

  • They are very stable thanks to their structure.
  • They are highly resistant and resistant to impacts.
  • Not only that, but they can be linked together in unlimited lengths. 
  • There are several models available to meet the needs of the different roads where they are to be installed.
  • The structure that forms them is mainly made of hot-dip galvanized steel in accordance with the UNE-EN 10025 standard.
  • They are highly resistant to corrosion and to all types of environmental agents.
  • They offer the possibility of incorporating a protection system specially designed for motorcyclists.
  • Furthermore, they allow the incorporation of headlights for dualwave barrier.

At T2S we are experts in signalling and high visibility equipment, and we can recommend which type of dualwave barrier beacon cap is best suited to your needs.

Types of T2S Dualwave barrier beacons

Beacons are retro-reflective elements that serve as guides and are placed on safety barriers or walls to delimit the route of the road. 

The reflectors for dualwave barriers that we offer at T2S are easy to install and are highly resistant to inclement weather without losing any of their reflective capacity. We have both closed and open anchorage beacons available.

  • DTB1. Leading model in the market due to its great retro-reflective performance.
  • DTB4. Designed with a lateral closed anchorage. They have a unique anchorage: it has the strength of the DTB2 and the speed of installation of the DTB3.

We would like to be your supplier for dualwave barrier beacons

Our team of professionals can advise you in the choice of the right type of barrier to achieve the best and most effective result. You can contact us by calling +34 93 848 05 68 or writing to [email protected].