Vinyls for metallic signs

Among the immense range of products of T2S Ibérica there are vinyls for metal traffic signs. On traffic roads, it is essential to use signs to direct traffic and, in turn and as far as possible, prevent traffic accidents. Unquestionably, on a poorly signposted road, incidents are much more likely to occur.

In some cases, for various reasons such as works or specific alterations, it may be necessary to modify the information on a traffic sign. In this case, vinyls for road signs on construction sites are an excellent option. 

In T2S Ibérica we have retroreflective vinyls that serve to reflect and give visibility to the signals in all kinds of circumstances, although they may be adverse. These vinyls for metal traffic signs guarantee that the informational content of these signs will be seen by drivers and pedestrians, even if it is at night or there are conditions of poor visibility. They allow to be seen both day and night in optimal conditions. 

The reason for vinyls for metal road signs

Having retroreflective vinyls that guarantee visibility in adverse conditions would not help us if they could not adhere optimally to the surface that supports them. For this reason, we have an exclusive range of products to adhere to metal supports such as road signs. We also have vinyl for plastic road signs.  

Vinyl for metal traffic signs ORALITE 5960

Oralite ® 5960 High Intensity Prismatic Construction Grade traffic sign vinyl is designed to be used outdoors temporarily and adhered to metal surfaces. For this reason, it is used in the manufacture of traffic control and beacon signs.

Surely, on multiple occasions you have been able to see it on signs or signs that give indications in contexts of works. 

Technical characteristics

The ORALITE 5960 model is offered in 50-meter coil with the standard widths of 610 mm, 760 mm, 920 mm and 1235 mm. They have a level II reflective microprismatic sheet of 0.31 mm. 

They are vinyls for road signs that offer enormous resistance to corrosion and solvents. Glued on surfaces of aluminium or similar metals, it withstands temperature from up to -56 °C to 65 °C.  For this reason, they are ideal for outdoor signage, and it is estimated that their useful life is five years. 

This vinyl is available in nine different colours: white, yellow, fluorescent greenish yellow, orange, fluorescent orange, red, green, blue, and brown. This model, like the rest of ORALITE products, has an ISO 9001:2015 certification that guarantees the quality and traceability of the product.


Vinyl for metal traffic signs ORALITE 5860

ORALITE 5860 vinyl is also used for traffic control signage and beaconing. It is made of solvent and permanent poly acrylate. The reflection values of this type of vinyl for metal road signs comply with EN 12899-1 (Europe).

We have it available in coils of 50 meters with standard widths of 610 mm, 760 mm, 920 mm and 1235 mm. In addition, they are of microspherical level II sheet.

It is available in six colours: white, yellow, orange, red, green, and blue. All of them are resistant to corrosion and solvents. This model can even withstand conditions where it is shrouded in salt water. Adhered to aluminium surfaces, it withstands temperature ranges from -56° to 82°. Its lifespan is five years. 


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