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When it comes to reflective vehicle lettering, it is essential to consider the regulations. The reflective films must meet a series of requirements of colour and retroreflection, and have passed a specific approval. Let’s not forget that we are talking about road safety elements, and therefore they have to comply with a series of criteria. The homologation checks the resistance to temperature, the coefficient of retroreflection, tolerance to water and cleaning does not lose reflective efficiency.

T2S Ibérica offers you reflective films and tapes for vehicle lettering

On the T2S Ibérica website, you will find all kinds of approved reflective tapes and films for vehicle lettering. What type of lettering are you looking for?

Our catalogue of retro-reflective tapes and films for trucks are approved and prepared to withstand all kinds of weather conditions. Depending on the surface you want to label, we have different types of reflective tape models. For rigid surfaces, you will find the VC104 Rigid Grade model, which can even be personalized with your company logo. For the marking of tanker trucks you have the VC 104+ Tanker Stickers tape which is die-cut with rounded edges of 16 centimetres. Finally, the VC 104 Curtain Grade is suitable for tarpaulins and the imagine variant allows your business logo to be included.

All tapes are supplied in 50-metre rolls and offer excellent long-distance visibility at night. In addition, they are easy to handle, apply and cut. Its structure prevents cracks from forming in the tape and is highly resistant to mechanized and industrial washing, offering a useful life of 10 years.

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At T2S we have plates for emergency vehicles as well as for vehicles that want to indicate their position on the road or that carry out a service, activity or work operation, in a stop or parking situation. The V-2 signage does not require administrative authorization.

Oralite VC 612 RA CHEVRON and Oralite 6901 are reflective films that have been specially designed for high-quality commercial emergency vehicle fleet wraps. The VC 612 incorporates state-of-the-art Rapid Air (RA) technology that allows for quick and easy application, reducing bubbles and wrinkles during application. 

Oralite 5921 M, Oralite 5821 and Oralite 5421 are available for vehicle warning signs. These are films that can be easily removed from lacquered surfaces by applying heat and are intended for outdoor use. They are 9 or 50 metre reels that have the standard widths set by the regulations. All of them have a useful life of more than 4 years. 

About high-quality commercial vehicle fleet signage, T2S Ibérica has four models of reflective films available on its website: Oralite VC 612 RA, Oralite VC 412 RA, Oralite 5650 RA and Oralite 5600. All of them incorporate Rapid Air technology that facilitates their application in a quick and easy way, reducing the incidence of bubbles and wrinkles. They have a durability of 7 years, and some models are available in up to 11 different colours. The sheets are easy to cut, highly resistant to industrial washing and in case they need to be removed, they can be made in one piece. 

In this range of sheets, we find the models Oralite 5951 M and Oralite 5851. These products have been specifically developed to mark urban elements such as permanent and interchangeable containers. They are retro-reflective, flexible and available in white printed with red feathering. They also have a solvent adhesive, permanent, but allow an easy application and give a useful life of 5 years. 

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T2S Ibérica will advise you on any questions you may have regarding reflective signage for your fleet of vehicles. We are a leading company in the manufacture and distribution of all types of high visibility products for both signage and personal safety. 

Our team has the best training, experience and technical knowledge in the sector. We provide our customers with solutions in line with their needs. 

For more information on any of the products in our catalogue, please do not hesitate to contact us using the contact form on the website.

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