Reflective lettering for trucks

All about reflective truck wrapping films

Reflective signage for trucks and trailers is not just an add-on to make these vehicles more visible. It is much more than this and is subject to strict road safety regulations. At T2S Ibérica we have been manufacturing all types of high visibility road safety clothing, products and accessories for many years, and we are fully aware of the legislation that must be complied with.

If you are thinking about reflective lettering for trucks, you should consider the colour and retro-reflective characteristics that the guidelines set out. In addition, the tapes or films used must be approved. This means that they must meet the standards set by the regulations in terms of temperature resistance, retro-reflective coefficient, water tolerance and reflective efficiency, among many others.

Characteristics and types of reflective marking tapes for trucks

T2S Ibérica offers you different options for reflective signage for trucks to meet any of the needs that our customers may have. We have reflective films to mark rigid parts, curved areas and even tarpaulins. Here are some of the main characteristics of the reflective films we can offer you:

Reflective lettering for trucks on rigid surfaces

We have different types of rigid surface tapes depending on your needs. These films are easy to apply and handle. They guarantee high nighttime visibility over long distances and are designed so that no cracks appear during installation. They are resistant to industrial washing and have a service life of ten years.

Reflective lettering for road tankers

This type of reflective sheeting has an exclusive design designed to fully adapt to the signalling and visibility needs of road tankers. They are die-cut with 16-centimetre rounded edges and are made of polyester to prevent cracking.

Reflective lettering for trucks and trailers with tarpaulin surface

It is not only the rigid surfaces of trucks and trailers that need to be marked, but also the tarpaulin surfaces that cover the goods carried by these vehicles. The films used in reflective lettering for trucks and trailers with tarpaulin surfaces have a vinyl-like structure that allows them to bend and stretch with the tarpaulin. The life span of these films is estimated to be 3 years.

We can give you a hand with reflective lettering for trucks and trailers!

If you need more details or information about our reflective tape for trucks, you can contact us directly. Write to us at [email protected] or call us on +34 93 848 05 68.

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