Microspheres for heat sealing

Our models of seam sealing tape

Microspherical tapes are manufactured with a technology in which the high reflective index glass spheres and its metallized base make it work as a mirror when it receives a light source. It is a process of reflective technology that allows for exceptional reflection of incident light, such as the light from vehicle headlights.

About micro-spherical tapes for heat-sealing, they are tapes that have an adhesive that reacts to temperature and is easily fixed on materials as diverse as plastic fabrics (PVC), polyester or cotton fabrics, or knitted fabrics. It is a tape that withstands washing and dry cleaning without losing any of its properties.

When two or more rolls of tape are to be used, it must be considered that its colour and appearance are suitable to achieve uniformity in colour and retroreflection both day and night, to check that it adapts well to the fabric, texture, seams and, above all, the preheating temperature of the press. It is advisable to carry out a small test in one area because the level of fixation of the tape is very high.

Types of tapes for heat-sealing microspherical seams

We offer you different types of micro-spherical tapes for thermosealing seams in just one click. Find the type of tape you are looking for at T2S Ibérica!

  • High visibility: Within the high visibility tapes we have segmented tapes such as the Rethiotex 26250 models, which is used for waterproof garments due to the lack of seams in the piece which gives it great flexibility, VizLite 205 H CUT or VizLite 201 HA CUT, tapes focused on garments used in the industrial petrochemical or railway sector and is able to perfectly withstand industrial washing without losing quality.
  • Flame-retardant: This type of micro-spherical tapes not only offer high visibility, but also flame-retardant quality. VizLite 202 HFR CUT, for instance, is a flameproof tape in two colours, yellow and with grey retro-reflective in the middle, ideal for flameproof but highly breathable workwear. There are also models of flameproof but water-resistant tapes such as VizLite 201 HFR, ideal for waterproof jackets, trousers for welding or the petrochemical industry, and highly resistant to domestic washing.

On the other hand, T2S Ibérica is committed to cutting-edge technology, and we have hi-visibility tapes cut with a plotter, like Rethiotex 26400, which is heat-applied and allows for unlimited customization. You will also find the Vizlite 201 HE model, complying with Oeko-Tex® Class II standards, which controls toxic substances in the product, as it is a piece that is close to human skin and on the other hand, it offers flexibility that adapts to movements.

Do you need to know more about our microspherical seam tapes?

More than three decades of experience in the sector endorse T2S Ibérica as a company specialized in high visibility materials. If you need additional information about any of our tapes for thermosealing microspherical seams, just write us through our form, call +34 93 848 05 68 or email us to [email protected] and our team of specialists will solve your doubts. 


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