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Which high-visibility workwear would you like? T2S Ibérica offers you the low-cost line, without sacrificing quality: T2S Targetsafety. 

We are a company with experience in the sector, we have been an innovator and reference in the high visibility workwear market since 1991, without forgetting to advise our customers at all times.

It is essential to make the right choice of high-visibility clothing for our employees, as they are a safety element in the working environment, and the garments can be adjusted to the preferences of the users.

The high visibility workwear you need

In the T2S Targetsafety line you will find waistcoats, jackets, mackintoshes, rain trousers, parkas…

It is one of the most demanded pieces of high visibility workwear. In the T2S Target2safety line, Target2safety highlights the Tarmac model, a waistcoat with 16 flashing red LEDs that increase visibility in both day and night situations. In addition, its front closure is with a zip, thus avoiding possible unwanted openings and snagging. We have the NEON KID model, a waistcoat model for children between 8 and 12 years old who may need to wear it at any given moment and which offers sun protection.

On our website you will find the high visibility jacket you need. We have various models of jackets to suit the needs and preferences of each user. The Cargo jacket is made of an innovative 300D Oxford 300D polyurethane coated fabric, which offers high resistance and waterproofing together with sealed seams, a lined hood and a front zip closure. It also guarantees optimal protection against the cold thanks to its quilted lining and elasticated cuffs. Another innovative jacket model is the Rocket model, which, despite being a detachable piece and being able to be converted into a waistcoat, guarantees high protection against the cold and rain.

Protect yourself from the rain with T2S Ibérica’s rain jackets! The SKY model offers excellent water resistance thanks to its 300D Oxford polyurethane coated fabric. It can be used for optimal protection against the cold weather-worn alone, with the Rocket jacket or the Falcon softshell, all without forgetting its high visibility both day and night even in rainy conditions thanks to its micro-spherical retro-reflective tape.

Get 100% protection from the rain with T2S Iberica’s rain trousers. The Speed model is a fully sealed piece for optimal protection against water. It has an elastic waistband and an adjustable drawstring, but the user also has the option of using it with or without removable braces. It is an easy-to-wear piece thanks to the quick fasteners at the bottom of each leg. When worn with the Sky rain jacket you have a full rain protection ensemble.

If you are looking for a versatile jacket, T2S Ibérica’s parkas fit the bill, with different types of protection depending on the model. The Mach parka offers high resistance to cold and rain thanks to its 300D Wovetex fabric, and its micro-spherical retro-reflective tape ensures optimum visibility day and night. The Kerosene parka is a flame-retardant, heat and flame-resistant garment thanks to its 300D Oxford fabric with a flame-retardant lining. It is also waterproof in rainy conditions thanks to its sealed seams and Velcro sleeve adjustment. It is also equipped with a radio or microphone attachment straps.

An ideal jacket for in-between weather! The Falcon has a stretch softshell fabric and fleece lining on the inside. Its slim fit ensures comfort and freedom of movement for the wearer. For added protection against the rain, it can be attached to the Sky rain jacket.

T2S Ibérica’s hi-visibility polo shirts are pieces that guarantee comfort and freedom of movement to the wearer. They are soft and breathable due to their polyester mesh fabric. Available in the standard colours for visibility PPE.

This is a garment that protects us together with high visibility jackets on colder days. It can also be worn alone in between seasons. They are made of 300 g polyester fabric, soft, warm and very comfortable. The micro-spherical retro-reflective tapes guarantee optimum visibility both day and night. It has a fitted cut and elasticated collar and cuffs.

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