Beacons for concrete barriers

What is the purpose of a concrete barrier? What types of concrete barrier beacons are available?

Concrete barriers are a type of road safety barriers that serve to protect drivers by cushioning the impact and preventing the vehicle from leaving the road.

The most widespread concrete barriers are the so-called New Jersey type. They can be installed on the roadway or road layout in two ways: by prefabricated modules or in-situ.

Precast concrete barrier

Precast concrete barriers are the most commonly used. They are easy to install and assemble. The concrete barrier is brought to the place where it is to be installed with a truck and is unloaded by crane. Then the coupling pieces are fitted, and rubber wedges are installed. Finally, the ends must be anchored to the ground.

In-situ concrete barrier

This type of concrete barrier is built with an extruder machine that produces the barrier in-situ, pouring concrete into a form work. The speed of execution of these concrete barriers is 1 metre per minute.

What is a concrete barrier beacon?

A beacon is a road marking element that is intended to increase road safety. They complement road markings and with their retro-reflective characteristic, can transfer the light that hits them incidentally. 

Beacons for concrete barriers offer a high degree of reflective power and are a magnificent solution as horizontal signage elements in front of concrete barriers. At T2S Ibérica we have several models of beacons for concrete barriers to adapt to all types of constructions.

Types of concrete barrier beacons that you will find at T2S

T2S Ibérica can offer you two different types of concrete barrier beacons. Each of them meets particular requirements, and both are characterized by their high quality.

  • Model DBH. These concrete barrier beacons are capable of being subjected to strong elastic deformation and then recovering their initial shape. They are anchored to the concrete with four anchor points so that the piece does not rotate in an undesired way. The support is made of synthetic rubber. The transparent lenses of this type of reflector make them much more resistant to ultraviolet rays and other forms of retro-reflection.
  • Model DNJ. The main feature of this model is that it retains a large retroreflective surface while maintaining visibility. In addition, their design means that they do not offer resistance or hinder the passage of snow ploughs.

This type of concrete barrier beacons are useful in circumstances where they need to take up less space on the road and maintain visibility. They have a 15° angle of inclination.

Both models are available with one or two retro-reflective sides and in white and amber colours.

At T2S you will find the best concrete barrier beacons on the market

If you need top quality concrete barrier beacons at the most competitive price, stop searching and contact T2S Ibérica. You can do so by calling +34 93 848 05 68 or, if you prefer, write to us at [email protected].


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