Find the ideal pavement marker catchers

Beacons are a type of road marking that is often used to reinforce the horizontal markings painted on the asphalt. Pavement beacons are embedded or fixed to the road to guide, guide or even alert people circulating on that road.

In T2S Ibérica we have a wide range of top quality beacons, all of them certified with the UNE-EN-1463 to offer our customers the best pavement beacons on the market. Our company has been working in the high visibility sector for more than three decades, and we know perfectly which products work best according to the contextual characteristics where they are required. Our technical team will be able to advise you on which floor marker beacons are best suited to your needs and will give you the best performance.

Heavy-duty pavement markings

We offer a wide range of pavement reflectors designed exclusively to improve the visibility and delineation of the road layout. The following is a list of the models of beacons we have available and the most significant features of each one of them.

  • STIMSONITE 980. This type of beacon is designed to be installed in low light conditions, especially in rainy conditions. It is available in single or double-sided and in white, yellow or both combined. The Stimsonite 980 is attached to a base that features Sure Grip technology. It is made of ABS polymer which makes it resistant to impact, abrasion and both high and low temperatures. The Stimsonite 980 model improves retroreflection with innovative Air Gap technology.
  • STIMSONITE 101. This headlamp cap system is recommended for high traffic areas in winter. They are attached using a ductile iron support in the shape of a catamaran. They are embedded with the C40 beacon model. The replacement of this beacon is quick and easy thanks to the self-adhesive system they are equipped with.
  • STIMSONITE 201. The Stimsonite 201 pavement beacon model has the same visibility properties and provides the same advantages as the Stimsonite 101 model. However, it differs from the other in that its support is made of high-strength polycarbonate.
  • STIMSONITE 381C. Its Click Stud system, without the use of adhesives, makes it possible to replace it quickly and easily. Therefore, this model offers an economical and safe repair. Its support is made of high-strength polycarbonate and the 980 headlamp cap.

Can we advise you on the floor markings you need?

Contact T2S Ibérica to buy the pavement reflectors that you need and that best suit the conditions of the road where they should be placed. You can call us on +34 93 848 05 68 or, if you prefer, email us to [email protected].