T2S Ibérica has been specializing for years in the manufacture and distribution of high visibility items for road marking with the aim of guaranteeing road and personal safety.

Count on the best translucent translucences for final traffic signs of the highest quality.

We have a wide range of translucent films available for final traffic signs to meet all your needs. We are distributors of ORAFOL retroreflective film for the manufacture of traffic signs with an extensive catalogue of interesting solutions for road safety. 

ORAFOL is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of innovative self-adhesive graphic films, reflective materials and adhesive tape systems. The product range comprises all levels of both microprismatic and microspherical materials.

What is retroreflective sheeting?

Retroreflective sheeting is a further element of road and urban safety. They are designed to reflect fixed traffic signs, construction site signs and persistent traffic markers that are placed vertically on the road. 

With retroreflective sheeting, light or radiation travels with some scattering. Two effects are produced: shadows are created, but a diffused light will be diffused into these shadows. These “luminous shadows” are nothing more than the light itself which, as it travels through the translucent material, is absorbed or scattered in all directions.

T2S Ibérica offers you the widest range of translucent products for permanent traffic signs.

ORALITE 5061 Translucent

It is a transparent protective film for bonding on white reflective films. The material is characterized by its excellent transparency, dimensional stability, cutting and handling characteristics. 

It is available in 50-metre rolls with a standard width of 920 mm to 1235 mm and a lifetime of 12 years for long-term applications. It has a 0.12 mm high performance PMMA film and is available in 6 colours or clear. Black is available as an opaque colour.

ORALITE 5097 Anti-Sticker

The application of this anti-sticker film on traffic signs saves time and money. It is a protective film that is applied to the surface of the sign. Ideal for protecting printed and unprinted ORALITE® surfaces from stickers.

With its slightly embossed structure, the film allows for easy and residue-free removal of stickers. It is transparent and is sold in rolls of 50 metres with a standard width of 1240 mm. It is a solvent polyacrylic with permanent adhesive. Its 250 micron fluoropolymer film is highly transparent and has a lifetime of 10 years.

ORALITE 5095 Anti-Graffiti

Designed for use on printed or unprinted ORALITE® retroreflective sheeting. The film is used as protection against graffiti vandalism and has a very solid, easy to clean, dirt repellent surface. 

It is a permanent solvent polyacrylate. Its fluoropolymer film is 0.025 mm. It is distributed in 50-metre transparent reels with a standard width of 1235 mm. It has a shelf life of 10 years.

ORALITE 5090 Anti-Condensation

It is a transparent protective film that primarily improves the performance of manufactured signs in critical weather circumstances. It prevents water droplets from forming on the surface of the signs, which would deflect light as it enters the reflective sheeting and ultimately reduce its performance. 

Available in 50 metre clear reels with a standard width of 1235 mm. It is a solvent polyacrylate, permanent with a special high performance PMMA film of 0.12 mm. Approximate shelf life is 5 years.


It is an easily removable soft PVC film with a glossy surface specially designed for temporary application over ORALITE® reflective film. The material is available in opaque black. It is designed for temporary concealment of all types of traffic signs. 

These are 50-metre rolls with a standard width of 1260 mm for translucent for permanent traffic signs with a durability of 2 years.


This is a specially developed product that can be easily cut with a plotter for the production of symbols and markings on road signs. It is available in black, gloss, or matt. 

It is a permanent solvent polyacrylate that provides maximum light fastness and weather resistance. Used in lettering and signage with ORALITE® retroreflective sheeting. 

It is distributed in 50 metre rolls in standard widths of 610 mm and 1220 mm with a high-performance PVC film of 0.07 mm. It has an average life of 7 years.


It can be easily cut with a plotter for the manufacture of symbols and markings on road signs. They are 50-metre rolls in standard widths of 610 mm and 1220 mm and can be supplied in black, gloss, or matt. 

This permanent solvent polyacrylate has a maximum light and weather fastness. It is used in particular for lettering and signage on ORALITE® 6910/5910/5810 reflective sheeting. It can last up to 10 years.

TS2 Ibérica is the best choice for translucent permanent traffic signs.

If you are looking for the ultimate retroreflective and translucent traffic sign films: TS2 Ibérica is your ideal partner. We can cover all your needs regarding traffic signs and road safety. You can fill in the web form, write to us at [email protected] or call us on 93 848 05 68, and you will be attended by our specialists.

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