Why is it important to repair asphalt potholes?

Repairing asphalt potholes is essential because every day many people need to use their vehicles to get to work, to school or to carry out their daily tasks. If the asphalt is not in good condition, road traffic for these people is not as safe as it should be.

Regular road maintenance and repair of asphalt potholes is not only a guarantee for drivers, but also helps to extend the service life of these roads. 

The factors that influence the deterioration of asphalt are the following:

  • Climate. At temperatures above 45º, asphalt deforms. As a result, cracks appear, which allow water to seep in when it rains. Water seepage reduces the rigidity of the asphalt and potholes appear.
  • Installation errors. If the asphalt is not laid correctly, potholes appear much more easily and quickly.
  • Chemical spills. Sometimes accidents happen in which gas or oil is spilled. These substances accelerate the premature deterioration of the asphalt and accelerate the appearance of potholes, peeling and cracking.

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Repairing asphalt potholes has positive consequences for drivers and the environment.

If the asphalt of a road is in poor condition, full of potholes, peeling or cracks, this is an environmental problem as well as a road safety problem. Some of these problems are detailed below:

  • Asphalt in poor condition makes communication and access to certain areas or territories more difficult.
  • Vehicle fuel consumption increases by up to 34% if the asphalt is not in good condition. This means that CO2 emissions from combustion also increase significantly.
  • The lifespan of vehicles driving on bumpy roads and roads in poor condition are reduced by up to 25%, as the car suffers much more to counteract the effects of this.

At T2S Ibérica we have in our catalogue the best products on the market for repairing asphalt potholes. Anti-skid is an anti-skid crushed glass aggregate used for asphalt repairs. Chipfill is a thermoplastic designed to repair holes with a diameter of 15 to 20 centimetres. It allows repairs to be carried out quickly without having to interrupt traffic for a long period of time.

At T2S you will find what you need to repair asphalt potholes

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