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Find all types of retroreflective tapes for high visibility clothing

Retroreflective tapes are the key to making an item of clothing and the person wearing it visible to the environment. It is important to incorporate these reflective elements into our work clothing, as they are a safety component in the workplace. The simple fact of being seen can prevent us from a possible accident.

T2S Ibérica has a wide catalogue of retro-reflective tapes designed for each type of garment. They adapt perfectly to the different characteristics of the piece of clothing and the adversities it faces, such as rain, fireproof garments, industrial washing, dry cleaning, etc.

They are highly resistant and high quality retro-reflective tapes, but their good maintenance is essential for their durability. A dirty reflective tape will decrease its effectiveness in low light situations, so it is important to clean them properly, do not use abrasive products or bleaching agents, and do not expose them to direct heat sources such as ironing.

Choose your reflective tape

What types of reflective tape can you find on the T2S Ibérica website?

We have a wide range of reflective tape types available. Take a look and find the tape you are looking for your safety.

  • Microprismatic tapes: These are robust tapes that are perfectly resistant to the solvents and weather conditions that you will have to face. They are designed to be sewn into high visibility garments. Their reflectivity exceeds the maximum performance level of EN ISO 20471:2013.

In these tapes, the reflective material is welded to a UV-stabilised polymeric film to protect the prism surfaces from dirt and moisture so as not to lose effectiveness.

In addition, the Oralite GP 340 model offers the possibility to personalize it with your logo, company name or any text you wish.

  • Micro-spherical tapes for sewing: This model of reflective tape is mainly used in environments where the user works most of the time next to vehicles. They are tapes that improve the visibility of the user and reduce the risk of being run over, ideal for work on roads, railways, airports, warehouses or shipyards.

These tapes are highly durable, resisting at least a cycle of 50 domestic washes without any loss of efficiency. Its effectiveness makes this model of reflective tape suitable not only for workwear but also for sportswear. 

Some models, such as VizLite 305K, offer flame retardant protection. This feature makes them suitable not only for high visibility signalling clothing, but also for protective clothing for firefighting, heat and flame protection.

  • Microspherical tapes for heat-sealing: These are reflective tapes that we apply to garments by heat. As these tapes are not sewn to the garment, they are highly flexible and adjust to the movements of the person. They are fully effective even on elastic garments, without the risk of the tape coming off.

We have a wide variety of models of microspherical tapes. Find the model that adjusts to the possible inclemencies that the garment may face, such as fireproof protection, waterproofing or breathability.

  • Photoluminescent tapes: These tapes absorb UV rays and give off luminescence on their own in low-light or even no-light situations. The combination of photoluminescence and retroreflectivity allows the wearer to be visible from all sides even when there is no light. If we use it to surround the torso, sleeves and legs, it offers 360º visibility.

At T2S Ibérica we have customizable photoluminescent tapes that may include your company logo or any text you wish, an innovative solution for corporate wear without reducing visibility. This model also incorporates a layer of glass microspheres that allows retroreflectivity at 90 mcd/lux.

Find the reflective tape you are looking for at T2S Ibérica

It only takes one click to access a wide range of reflective tapes for workwear. On our website, you will find the tape that best suits the inclemency that the garment will be subjected to. Stand out from your competition without losing visibility by customizing your reflective tapes!

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information about our catalogue.

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