Burned surfaces and milling levelling

Asphalt resin 

Every surface is susceptible to wear by human action or by the climatic conditions of a given moment, either by the sun, friction or rain. In this sense, burned surfaces and the leveling of milling need the use of resin for asphalt, because this material allows to fix the imperfections arising from the aforementioned elements. 

In T2S  Ibéricanos we specialize in the commercialization of products such as black rollgrip, which is an effective resin for asphalt that will be very useful for outdoor work.

Asphalt resin for remediation and reconditioning burned surfaces 

First of all, it is important to know that roads suffer a severe impact from traffic and weather, which inevitably leads to reducing their quality or, de facto, the appearance of cracks or unevenness. 

The poor condition of the asphalt of the road not only supposes an additional investment in repairs, but can constitute a risk for the people who travel in it. Therefore, roads in poor condition cause damage to vehicles, so that potholes or cracks in the road are a problem of different dimensions.

Thus, it is essential to identify the state of the asphalt roads to continue leveling these surfaces by applying specially designed products. Immediate attention to the affected areas through milling techniques ensures that the useful life of the roads increases substantially and that these damages do not spread, which would cause costs to increase in terms of maintenance and optimization of the roads.

In T2S Ibérica we have the materials and tools necessary for this purpose, from resins for asphalt to the material necessary to apply it. If you want more information about it we invite you to consult our catalog in detail.

Why use the asphalt resin “Rollgrip black” for burned surfaces? 

 Asphalt resin Rollgrip Black  is a polymer resin specially designed for asphalt repair. Its formula is extremely effective in eliminating damage to burned surfaces, which means that it is a product that cannot be missing from your stock. This is because bituminous surfaces, when burned and, therefore, cracked, need a resistant material that can act as a filler and, in this way, level them. 

However, black  Rollgrip asphalt resin requires compliance with a series of measures for its application to be truly effective. In this sense, the burned surface must be completely dry and clean, since dust or grease considerably decreases the efficiency of the black Rollgrip to repair this type of surfaces.

In our store, in addition, you can find more detailed information at a technical level about the black Rollgrip asphalt resin and the virtues of its application on burnt asphalt surfaces. Likewise, it is very important to consider that having a greater knowledge on the subject will imply better results, so we can also offer you guidance on the ways and techniques that you can implement to obtain a better return when applying the corresponding products.

What other techniques can be used to level burned surfaces?

When the asphalt burns, subsequently producing unevenness, cracks and fissures in its surface, the best elements available must be used so that the work can be successful. Under this premise, it is essential to complement the action of repairing burned asphalt with other applications such as mortar for leveling free surfaces. 

In this context, this mortar allows to look for the area that needs to be repaired for a subsequent leveling of milling that matches the asphalt and leaves it practically as new. By putting this mortar together and applying products such as  black Rollgrip asphalt resin on  a small or large scale, you can ensure that the asphalt remains in optimal condition for a long time.

On the other hand, the subsequent resistance of the repaired asphalt will depend on the elements applied on the surface. In this case, it could be crucial for asphalt maintenance to apply products that improve the coating of the repaired asphalt layer and, additionally, strengthen the inherent road safety measures. 

In T2S Ibérica we put at your disposal all those articles that you require for that purpose, since we understand that a job well done not only corresponds to a task or routine, but that there are aspects of social and collective security that must be respected. The deterioration of the asphalt layer, in addition to being a recurring problem due to wear and external conditions, is a matter that must be addressed immediately.

Find the best asphalt resin on the market at T2S Ibérica 

If you need more information, you can contact us through our website, email or available phones. In T2S Ibérica we are leaders in this sector and we have a team of experts willing to offer you a personalized orientation if you need to acquire resins for asphalt and other applications. We are waiting for you!


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