Catadioptrics for edge markers

What types of edge marker reflectors can T2S Ibérica offer you?

At T2S Ibérica we have in our catalogue different types of edge marker reflectors to be able to respond efficiently to the different road conditions that may require them. First, it is important to specify what edge markers are, what they are used for and what function they have.

What is an edge milestone?

An edge marker is a marking element which is placed in a vertical position at both ends or margins of the road. Its structure consists of a white hollow post, of a polymeric nature due to the inherent attributes of this material. They also have a black strip at the top with a certain inclination towards the roadway. It is precisely on this strip that the elements we are concerned with are placed. 

The function of these structures in which the edge marker reflectors are embedded is to delimit the margins of the road and, at the same time, to improve the visibility of the route for drivers. These reflective parts improve visibility both during the day and at night.

What is a retro-reflector?

Edge marker reflectors are horizontal marking elements consisting of an optical system consisting of a mirror which reflects light and one or more lenses which refract it. The retro-reflectors reflect the light coming from external light sources, namely vehicle headlamps.

What are the T2S edge marker reflectors like?

The edge landmark retro-reflectors available from T2S are made of cube-corner plastic. These lenses are notable for their high retro-reflectivity and durability. These attributes are due to the material they are made of: polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA).

They are flat lenses, without inclination, a fact that allows a better adaptation to the edge landmark to which they are embedded. They are designed exclusively to improve nighttime visibility, both on straight and sharp bends.

Their surface is smooth and has non-stick properties to prevent the accumulation of dust or dirt. At T2S Ibérica we have both white and amber coloured edge marker reflectors. The reflective surface varies depending on the model or design of the reflector.

Catadioptrics for edge marker available in T2S

At T2S Ibérica we offer our customers the best catadioptrics for edge markings on the market. Our long experience in the sector allows us to know perfectly what characteristics a good reflector must have to give an optimum result.

Below you will find details of the reflectors for edge markers that we have in stock:

  • Round reflector.  It has a retroreflective surface of 28,27 cm2.
  • White vertical reflector.  It has a retroreflective surface of 70,40 cm2.
  • Amber vertical reflector.  It has a retroreflective surface of 70.40 cm2.

What types of ridge markers are there?

The retro-reflectors available from T2S Ibérica are mainly placed on two different types of edge markers.

Type I are those which are placed on conventional single carriageway roads and have an A-shaped section. On the other hand, Type II are placed on roads with separate carriageways. Their section is formed by two parallel lines joined at the ends by semicircles. The size they should have depends on the characteristics of the roadway on which they are placed.

Whether they are type I or type II edge markers, the retro-reflecting elements are placed on the visible faces.

At T2S, you will find the edge marker reflectors you need

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