Buy gas burners at T2S, Ibérica

Do you want to buy high-quality gas burners? Gas burners are a product that is used to mix gas with air to produce a flame that starts the combustion process. The output of this mixture (air and gas) is carried out through openings located in the head of the burner.

At T2S Ibérica, we have gas burners of extraordinary quality that are very efficient in their use.

Buy gas burners for melting thermoplastic materials

Gas burners are purchased for melting thermoplastic materials. They use an oxyacetylene flame that heats the material and then provides oxygen to raise the flame and burn it completely until the material is eliminated.

It is a tool capable of generating high temperatures and powerful heat with a mixture of combustible gas pressures. This gas can be acetylene, propane gas, butane gas, hydrogen or some other mixture of fuel gas and combustion gas.

Now, it is normal for their use to be in a supplied gas feed pipe, such as a gas main.

Types of gas burners

Of course, when buying gas burners, you should bear in mind that there are three types: high pressure, low pressure, linear and central burners. Among these types, you should choose the one that best suits your specific case.

However, there are other burners that are divided into vaporization burners, spray burners and emulsion burners. In the latter, we find mechanical spraying by direct pressure, centrifugal and by auxiliary fluid.

They can be subdivided into air, pneumatic, low pressure, medium and high pressure and finally, steam. You must be clear about which burner you need, depending on the volume of the mass to be heated and the maximum time you are going to use the appliance.


If you are thinking of buying gas burners, you will probably also need a scraper. The scraper is one of the most commonly used materials in cold asphalt, as it suffers significant wear and tear due to the intense daily traffic to which it is subjected. In these circumstances, it is very common for small potholes and damage caused by the passage of vehicles to appear. These problems can be solved with the scraper.

  • Fast application and drying
  • Easy to prepare the working area
  • Easy to apply

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