Looking for a reflective backpack for your team members? Then you will be interested to know that at T2S Ibérica we are a leading company in the manufacture and distribution of high visibility items that are used to indicate road signs and to guarantee your safety and that of the workers. We offer a wide variety of products, accessories and clothing to ensure the safety of workers.

¿What is the functionality of high visibility accessories such as reflective backpacks? 

Wearing the right clothing in high-risk work environments is the first defense against possible accidents. For this reason, the use of different types of high visibility clothing and accessories has been diversified. High visibility clothing and accessories, such as reflective backpacks, are clothing made with highly reflective materials, which can be fluorescent or retroreflective. This type of clothing made in easily perceived colors is very striking.

The goal of high visibility clothing and accessories is to make the wearer visible, whether in day or night conditions. Not only clothing is included, but also accessories such as reflective backpacks and high visibility armbands, among others.

¿What are the characteristics of our reflective backpacks and high visibility armbands?

Reflective backpacks

Our high-capacity backpacks (30 liters) guarantee high visibility in dangerous conditions. They are waterproof pieces, light and resistant to inclement weather. In addition, they have an ergonomic padded back that makes it easy and comfortable to carry.

At T2S Ibérica we have two types of backpacks

Also, at T2S we offer the reflective backpack accessory and the backpack bag with reflective band, ideal for all types of light and for day or night.

Static Reflective Armbands 

This piece helps us to complement the visibility of the extremities of the body. We have armbands for both day and night visibility. You’ll find them with different types of closures, fits, and sizes. Also, if you wish, we have models of bracelets that can be customized.

Generally, the reflective bracelet is designed to identify the people appointed or hired by the company who have the necessary training and knowledge in terms of occupational risk prevention. Current regulations require these people to be identified within a work environment, so this bracelet is ideal for it.

From T2S Ibérica we offer different types of bracelets:

  1. Accreditation bracelet
  2. Microprism bracelet
  3. Day-night bracelet Daytime bracelet Elastic bracelet


¿Why trust T2S to acquire reflective backpacks and safety elements at work? 

At T2S Ibérica we have more than 30 years of experience in the field of safety, as we are dedicated to the manufacture of road safety clothing and the manufacture of reflective materials and high visibility clothing. The high visibility clothing made by T2S Ibérica provides a safety plus, since its reflective materials are optimal for working in any weather condition, rain, snow or fog, day or night. In our catalog we have the most innovative pieces of high visibility clothing on the market.

 So whether you need badge armbands or are looking for reflective backpacks for work, we have the solution. And not only that, if you want to protect your team of workers during their daily tasks, count on PPE and work clothes from T2S Ibérica.

Our professionals will advise you which equipment you should choose to obtain the best possible protection without sacrificing comfort and ergonomics.

¡Trust in the expertise of T2S Ibérica and protect your workers! 


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