We offer you a wide range of stickers for headlamp washers

Beacon stickers are essential for the placement of this type of road markings. Beacons are a type of road marking that are used as horizontal markings to complement other road markings. One of their main attributes is that they can reflect the light falling on them to a large extent due to their retroreflective properties. This feature makes reflectors an effective signalling tool to alert, inform and guide drivers on the roads on which they are placed.

This feature makes beacons an effective signalling tool to alert, inform and guide drivers on the roads where they are installed.

Beacons consist of a maximum of one or two pieces and are fixed to the road surface with beacon adhesives. The quality of the adhesives depends on the functionality of the beacon and the durability of its use.

Beacons are classified according to their use and nature. About use, there are permanent ones, which are white, and temporary ones, which are orange. Concerning their nature, we distinguish between glass (code 1), polymeric (code 2) and organic polymeric (code 3). 

At T2S Ibérica we have various types of adhesives for headlight covers to meet any type of fixing, embedding, or repair need with guarantees.

Types of headlamp cap stickers

The range of headlamp cap adhesives we can offer meets the highest quality standards and durability guarantees on the market.

  • Single-dose. These are thermo-adhesive pads that allow the headlight reflectors to be securely fixed to the asphalt. This type of headlamp cap adhesive is used in maintenance applications. They are easy to install and repair. In addition, no expensive machinery is required for application. It also does not take a long time to apply and does not interrupt vehicle traffic for a long period of time.
  • Standard bitumen. This type of adhesive is a high-performance adhesive that allows these road markings to be fixed on asphalt as well as on concrete. It is designed for temperate climates, although it can maintain its flexibility at low temperatures. It is noted for its high strength and high adhesion.
  • Tropical bitumen.  Thermosetting bitumen, designed to fix sealants in very hot or very hot climates on concrete and asphalt.
  • Two-component adhesive.  This two-component adhesive is packaged in a 2.5 kg unit and comes with a catalyst to accelerate its application in the form of a white powder.
  • Application machine. The use of standard or tropical bitumen requires the use of this machine. Without it, the optimum performance of the product cannot be guaranteed.

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