Within the wide variety of reflective safety tapes, it is possible to find options such as micro-spherical sew-on tapes. A type of tape that adds safety features for visualization; perfect for personnel working in low visibility environments where there is high vehicle traffic.

A type of tape that can be used for a lifetime of 50 washes, find the retroreflective sewing tape you are looking for at T2S Ibérica!

Benefits of a retro-reflective sewing tape

When a company has safety clothing for visibility, but needs to add more visibility capacity, then micro-spherical tape for sewing becomes almost an indispensable solution, in this way we can quickly, practically and effectively add the capacity to be visible.

If this is the case, it could also be a type of tape that can be added to sportswear so that the athlete can be seen without breaking with the style and design of the garment.

Thus, this type of tape offers the following benefits:

  •  Extends the capacity for retroreflection.
  • Increased safety ability to exit on the road or be exposed to crossing vehicles.
  • High resistance, even in domestic washing.
  • Durability so as not to diminish its reflective capability.

Types of microspherical sewing tapes available

Relating to the type of micro-spherical retroreflective tapes that can be sewn, there are different variations depending on the need and use for which we want them. We have available:

  • High visibility micro-spherical tape for sewing. These are tapes with a microspherical pattern that facilitate reflectivity at any angle, increasing the ability to be seen, which can be embroidered on any garment and maintain their characteristics intact for a long time. Some of the models that can be found on our website are: Rethiotex 29250 which complies with ISO 20471 standards and stands out for its high retroreflectivity and is suitable for both professional and non-professional hi-visibility signage clothing, with an excellent quality-price ratio. On the other hand, we have the VizLite range such as the VizLite 200 model, which uses a retroreflective material with a polyester and cotton base, an economical solution to basic high visibility garments such as trousers or waistcoats.
  • High visibility, flame retardant, micro-spherical sewing tape. This is a type of tape that, in addition to increasing visibility, also has features that allow it to withstand high temperatures. It is a tape that may be integrated into flameproof workwear such as welding trousers and coveralls, protecting workers against flames, hot materials and sparks. VizLite 305 K, for instance, is available with a grey centre stripe and in two colours, yellow and orange, and is micro-perforated for breathability.
  • Fire retardant micro-spherical sewing tapes. This type of tape is also intended to expand the display capacity, but its main function is to withstand intense heat (up to flames). For this reason, they are tapes that have a high level of certification, such as for use in firefighter uniforms. VizLite 310 is made of a cotton base, in two colours and offers a resistance to 25 washes.
  • Micro-spherical tapes for non-certified sewing. Finally, we have this type of tape which is intended to enlarge the viewing capacity; but, as it does not have any kind of certification, its intention may also be only decorative. Such as VizLite 080 and VizLite 091

Finally, we also have edgings for outline silhouettes and to provide optimal hi-visibility safety PPE, such as Rethionex R29300 or with flame-retardant properties, as in the case of VizLite 301 PFR.

Do you have any doubts about which type of retro-reflective sewing tape you need?

If you still have any doubts about which type of retro-reflective sewing tape you need, do not hesitate to contact us. It is best to be advised by specialists in the field, as is T2S Ibérica offers you the tape you are looking for, we are specialists in the sector. Write us through our form, call us on +34 93 848 05 68 or email us to [email protected] and our team of specialists will solve your doubts.

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