T2S Ibérica’s t-shirts and business shirts have the UVA certification

More and more companies are looking for sun protection shirts for their team members. Clothing, hats, and helmets are among the easiest and most effective ways to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays.

These products provide a physical barrier between the skin and the sun’s rays, preventing bothersome redness and future serious illnesses caused by the buildup of lesions.

Breathable sunscreens are a very convenient option because, unlike sunscreens, you don’t have to worry about wearing them frequently, which often interrupts and interferes with running activities. 

At T2S Ibérica we know this and that is why we have developed a range of t-shirts that protect against UV rays.

Breathable Sun Protection T-Shirts

Sun protection for work clothes

In recent years, clothing manufacturers have begun adding chemicals and additives to clothing during the manufacturing process to add to the sun protection factor already present in natural fabrics. Operators who carry out work on highways or other highly connected places, such as airports, are exposed to permanent risks, whether from traffic, movement of machinery, one-off jobs or construction.

Additionally, these jobs involve constant exposure to the elements. Taking precautions is very important for human safety and is undoubtedly a human right of every worker and a duty of every company. 

Thanks to research into technical fabrics and modern technology, T2S Ibérica also offers breathable t-shirts with sun protection in its wide range. We talk a lot about bad weather when we work outdoors and automatically think of cold, rain and mud. But the sun is also a dangerous companion during the day.

What technology does T2S Breathable Sunscreen use?

To obtain UPF UV sun protection certification for our technical fabrics, we must carry out certain processes designed by a body accredited by the EEC. Once the fabrics have passed the tests determined based on the UNE EN ISO 13758-2:2003 + A1:2007 standard, it is time for manufacturers to put a UPF image on their labels, outside the range of protection obtained ( 10,20, 30, 40 or 50+).

Breathable Sun Protection T-Shirts

What are the factors that help improve UV resistance?

  • Fabric composition: Fabrics that have a higher weave, smaller pores, or are very dense, such as synthetics or semi-synthetics, or cotton, provide better protection than linen. Polyester or rayon fabrics provide more protection than cotton fabrics. This is demonstrated by spectroscopic studies applied to tissues. Thicker fabrics provide more protection than thinner ones.


  • Fabric color: Textile dyes have the ability to absorb ultraviolet rays to a greater or lesser extent, increasing the protection factor to a certain extent. The degree of protection will be greater when there is darkness in a given texture and tint.

  • The use of ceramic materials in fabrics: Traditional UV-resistant chemical fibers usually contain 5-10% ceramic materials, especially titanium oxide. Titanium oxide are metallic particles that have properties that reflect solar radiation and absorb ultraviolet rays.

  • State of the fabric: If the garment gets wet, experts say that its protection is reduced by half, and therefore, clothing designed for “wet” environments (swimming pools, beaches) is designed to dry quickly. This ability will also decrease on very old clothing. 

Discover our range of breathable shirts with unique protection!

Designed by T2S Ibérica, the T2S Ibérica range of shirts with high UV sun protection based on safe methods includes several models with different characteristics that adapt to each type of activity, with an emphasis on protecting the skin and providing comfort.

T2S Ibérica is exactly the brand that responds to all these aspects and offers workers the best selection of breathable polo shirts and t-shirts, also for women, to work with sun protection.

All these garments have their own approvals so that your employees can work in complete safety.

But for safety, we have an additional advantage, which is comfort, since all our clothing is designed for the real woman’s body so that they do not interfere with movement and create favorable conditions for work. 

Breathable Sun Protection T-Shirts

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Breathable Sun Protection T-Shirts

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