¿Why is T2S the best company for high visibility clothing for women?

clothing high visibility for woman

Since its foundation in 1991, T2S IBÉRICA has been a benchmark in the production of retroreflective materials in Spain and Portugal. The objective of T2S has always been to contribute to progress in road safety in Spain, advising public and private entities, putting all the technological advances in retroreflective materials at the service of road and personal safety.

T2S IBÉRICA manufactures, markets and distributes high visibility PPE garments and retroreflective materials for road markings, beacons and vehicle markings. We have an extensive catalog of high visibility clothing that meets the expectations of the most demanding companies.

¿What is high visibility clothing for?

High visibility clothing is clothing made with highly reflective materials, which can be fluorescent or retroreflective. This type of clothing made in easily perceived colors is very striking. The purpose of high visibility clothing is to make the person wearing it visible, whether in day or night conditions. Wearing the right clothing in high-risk work environments is the first defense against possible accidents. 

For this reason, the use of different types of high visibility clothing has diversified. T2S Ibérica’s hi-vis clothing for women offers a new style of reflective workwear for women that shatters all the old stereotypes and embraces the true must-haves for today’s working woman.

clothing high visibility for woman

You will find the best high visibility workwear for women at T2S Ibérica

At T2S Ibérica we have opted for a new design in reflective workwear for women that overcomes all stereotypes and meets the needs of women in the work environment. 

At T2S Ibérica we are producing high quality, uniquely designed hi-vis clothing for women that looks amazing and performs as well as any workwear designed for men. 

Working women take their jobs seriously and we take workwear seriously, just as your company respects the female workforce.

¿What are the characteristics of the high visibility clothing for women offered by T2S Ibérica?

clothing high visibility for woman

For greater safety and better performance, at T2S we look for garments to fit the person. Proper fit includes wearing garments as intended and considering any additional clothing worn under high visibility clothing. Garments must sit correctly on the body and remain in place during work.

Clothing should be comfortable to wear. Seams and materials must not cause discomfort or irritation to the wearer, such as sharp or protruding edges, or rough materials. Clothing should also be the right weight and provide the right stretch and flexibility. Garments must be selected and worn in such a way that no other clothing or equipment covers the high visibility materials.

¿What types of high visibility clothing do we offer?

 As specialists in the marketing of high visibility clothing for women, we detail some of our star products so that you can get to know them.

  • Women’s softshell jacket.

    It is a very functional garment, since its sleeves, adjustable cuffs and micromink-lined pockets can be removed, a unique detail on the market. They can be worn alone or combined with the parka. It’s made with softshell, a three-layer laminated technical safety material for greater flexibility and comfort.

  • California 4-in-1 parka.

    Its cut and elastic waist make the CALIFORNIA parka an ideal piece for women. This is a high visibility 4-in-1 parka that guarantees breathability and waterproofing. It can be worn alone or with its detachable hi-vis jacket for added protection from the cold.

  • Rain pants.

    The high visibility work pants for rain that we offer you from T2S Ibérica are totally sealed. They are light and resistant, ideal for construction work, traffic control, road work or outdoors in general.

clothing high visibility for woman

Ask us for more information without any commitment

At T2S we offer a wide range of high visibility clothing for women and we also provide advice to companies so that the women on their team feel comfortable, comfortable and protected with their clothing.

If you want more information about it, write us an email at [email protected]  or call us at +34 93 848 05 68.