T2S Ibérica tells you everything you need to know about the color of high visibility clothing in summer

Along the following lines we are going to discover everything you need to know about the color of high visibility clothing in summer. High visibility work clothing is personal protection equipment that is intended to visually signal the presence of the user so that it can be detected in risky conditions.

The human eye responds best to large, bright or moving objects, and visibility is improved by having high contrast between the color of clothing and the work environment in which it is seen. For summer there are some special colors to achieve greater visibility.

High visibility clothing is used by security and construction workers or personnel to improve their visibility to other people and/or vehicles. Sometimes this type of clothing is used to alert drivers or vehicle operators to the presence of a person through highly reflective materials, particularly in low light conditions. In addition, depending on the weather and lighting, some colors or others are used.

Color of high visibility clothes in summer

¿What materials are high visibility clothing made of?

High visibility helmets can be used to increase a person’s visibility in situations where some or all of their body is obscured by obstacles such as barriers, building materials, trees, etc.

High visibility safety clothing is made from fluorescent and retroreflective materials and must be certified and qualified before it can be worn. This certification ensures that the fluorescent and retroreflective materials used are highly visible and have good contrast to be differentiated between obstacles and the human eye.

Our T2S workwear line meets the highest quality standards on the market. The materials used for this type of clothing are:

  • Background or fluorescent material:

    Colored fluorescent material, which converts invisible ultraviolet light into visible light. Meant to be highly visible. There are three possible colors for work clothes in this material: red, red-orange and yellow.

  • Retroreflective material:

    Material that has retro-reflection properties. It consists of a physical property that will help the eye to perceive light in low lighting conditions. This material must meet the minimum values ​​of the established retroreflection coefficient and, depending on the results obtained, we will obtain class 1 and class 2 materials. The standard use for high visibility clothing is in ‘ISO 20471’. The higher the class, the greater the requirement for retro reflection.

  • Combined material:

    Material that in turn has fluorescence and retroreflection properties.

  • Non-fluorescent material:

    Material that does not have fluorescence or retroreflection properties, but must meet the requirements regarding color fastness, as well as dimensional variation.

¿What is the ISO 20471 standard that governs the color of high visibility clothing?

This European standard specifies the requirements for protective clothing capable of visually signaling the presence of the user. It is intended to make the user visible in risk situations with any type of daylight and when illuminated in the dark by car headlights.

High visibility clothing has a fluorescent surface, combined with reflective material that meets certification requirements in 3 different classes:

  • High Visibility Class 3

    The highest level of protection. Required for people who work on highways, and roads with speeds greater than 80 km/h, airports or in their vicinity. They must incorporate a minimum of 0.80m² of background material and 0.20m² of retroreflective material (4 meters of 5cm wide reflective tape).

  • High Visibility Class 2

    Intermediate level. For people who work on roads and areas where people do not drive faster than 80 km/h and delivery vehicles. They must incorporate a minimum of 0.50m² of background material and 0.13m² of retroreflective material (2.60 meters of 5cm wide reflective tape).

  • High Visibility Class 1

    Minimum level. Minimum level of protection required for people who work on private roads or for garments that must be used with others of a higher level. It must incorporate a minimum of 0.14m² of background material and 0.10m² of retroreflective material (2 meters of 5cm wide reflective tape).

¿What is the most used color of high visibility clothing in summer?

  • Fluorescent orange.

    It is one of the most common colors in high visibility clothing for firefighters or first responders.

  • Fluorescent green

    For the upper body, green visibility vests are very appropriate. Although the fluorescent helps a lot when enhancing, these vests also include thick horizontal lines or strips to accentuate that enhancement property.

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