difference between high visibility vest and retroreflective vest

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T2S Ibérica has positioned itself as a leading company in the creation and distribution of solutions dedicated to road signage and both road and personal protection.

Our commitment lies in ensuring maximum visibility and safety under various conditions.

Within our extensive catalog, we offer a variety of essential items to guarantee safety, from high-visibility PPE clothing to specific beacons.

Additionally, we provide vehicle marking kits and a wide range of reflective sheets, ideal for the production of traffic signs.

But that’s not all; our catalog is filled with innovative solutions in the field of road safety, tailored to the changing needs of the industry.

If you are looking for the best reflective vests on the market, without a doubt, you are in the right place.

What are the characteristics of a high visibility vest?

High visibility vests have acquired primary relevance in the workplace and in various daily activities, mainly due to the increase in the need to guarantee safety and minimize the risks of accidents. These garments are specifically designed to maximize the visibility of the wearer, even in low light or reduced visibility conditions.

  • Reflective materials: These vests incorporate retroreflective bands or areas that, when illuminated by a light source, such as a vehicle’s headlights, reflect the light back toward its origin, which significantly increases the user’s visibility.

  • Bold colors: Bright, fluorescent colors, such as yellow or orange, are common in these types of vests, allowing them to stand out in virtually any environment.

  • Flexibility and lightness: They are designed to be comfortable and not restrict movement, allowing the user to perform their tasks without inconvenience.

  • Regulations: They comply with specific standards and regulations to guarantee their effectiveness, and in many cases, their use has become mandatory in certain situations and work contexts.

  • Diversity of designs: They adapt to different activities and contexts, from road work to night operations in warehouses.

ropa de trabajo de alta visibilidad

In short, beyond being a simple garment, high visibility vests represent a vital prevention and safety tool, allowing workers and people in general to be easily identified, thus reducing the likelihood of unforeseen incidents.

Main characteristics of high visibility vests and retroreflective vests

difference between high visibility vest and retroreflective vest

High visibility vests are the most used pieces of clothing in the field of high visibility clothing. At T2S Ibérica, you can find various models of our vests, all of them are designed with a completely breathable fabric and following the Spanish regulations for high visibility clothing.

The main difference with retroreflective vests is that they include a microspherical retroreflective tape from the RETHIOEX® brand. The main advantage of this is the guarantee of always providing unbeatable visibility whether it is day or night, guaranteeing optimal visibility both day and night.

On the other hand, it is necessary to highlight that reflective clothing must always comply with regulated safety regulations.

If it did not do so, this would mean serious problems for the company, since it could have serious consequences for not allowing adequate visibility of its workers.

Types of high visibility and retroreflective vests from T2S Ibérica

Not only can you choose the model and size of your reflective vest, but you can also select the color, since we have three classic colors that are considered high visibility by law. The colors found on the vests are yellow, orange and orange-red.

Below is a list of our entire catalog of vests:

  • TARMAC safety vest: in total it has 16 flashing red LEDs, which provide both good daytime and nighttime visibility.

  • SAFARI LED vest: the only high-visibility LED vest on the market, it includes ultra-breathable fabric and is also Class 2 certified. This exclusive vest has its own autonomous light system.

  • MODU LED Vest: This high visibility modular vest has a built-in autonomous light system. Its visibility is improved thanks to its 11 high-brightness LEDs and it has a total autonomy of 16 hours. In addition, it is characterized by the possibility of differentiating its three lighting modes, which are slow flashing, fast flashing and continuous light.

  • HAROUN vest: totally light and flexible, thanks to the heat application of the RETHIOTEX® fireproof retroreflective tape that guarantees unsurpassed comfort.

  • SAFARI vest: guarantees better visibility during the day and at night while there is the possibility of adjusting to all sizes.

  • SAFARI AIR vest: similar to the previous one, but with the improvement of having a front closure zipper. In addition, two lower pockets with gussets and a pocket to store a mobile phone or a pen are included.

  • SILEX vest: with its all-risk capability, it allows you to be seen day and night in explosive atmospheres. It is made of Nittex Stop Flam mesh with excellent antistatic and fireproof properties.

Where to buy high visibility work vests?

Safety at work is essential and, in many professions, a high visibility vest is not only a recommendation, but an obligation to guarantee the physical integrity of the worker. If you understand the importance of these vests, you will probably want to invest in quality clothing that meets current regulations and standards.

At T2S Ibérica we are specialists in occupational safety equipment, with a particular focus on high visibility. We have a team of professionals who will guide you in your choice, ensuring that the selected garment fits perfectly with the demands of your work activity and the environment in which you will perform your duties.

In addition to standard vests, in our catalog you will find variety in designs, colors and additional features, such as pockets, adjustments and more. All this in order to provide you with a comprehensive and satisfactory shopping experience, where you not only purchase a garment, but a complete security solution.

Remember, a high visibility vest is more than an accessory: it is an investment in safety, in prevention and, ultimately, in well-being. Therefore, we invite you to explore our options and let yourself be guided by our expert team to make the most appropriate choice.

If you are unsure about your choice and are not sure which high visibility vests your team members should wear, please contact us. Write to us at [email protected] or call us at93 848 05 68 and we will help you select the appropriate option.