The high-visibility raincoat is an essential garment to maintain the safety of workers, even in the most unfavourable weather conditions. Therefore, in T2S Ibérica we have developed special clothing so that no type of weather prevents the use of safe clothing.

In addition to the high-visibility raincoat, at T2S Ibérica we offer other waterproof garments, such as waterproof pants for work. These are garments designed to maintain the safety and comfort of workers, regardless of the climate in which they carry out their tasks.

Because, in addition to rain, weather conditions can pose other adversities for workers, at T2S Ibérica we have also developed special garments for extreme temperatures. Our warm parkas are ideal for the coldest conditions, while our shirts and polo shirts are the best allies during the days of higher temperatures.

All the advantages of the high visibility raincoat of T2S Ibérica

Our with retroreflective raincoats to work was designed with the needs of the user in their day-to-day life in mind. Therefore, it has some properties that are worth highlighting:

high-visibility raincoat
  • High impermeability: its high level of impermeability is due to the 100% polyester fabric, coated with Oxford 300D polyurethane.

  • Rain protection: In addition to its waterproof material, its design features sealed seams and a fully lined and waterproof hood.

  • Optimal protection against the cold: the high-visibility raincoat can be used alone, with the detachable Rocket jacket, or the Falcon softshell, to add more shelter. In addition, its design has a velcro adjuster at the bottom of the sleeves and a drawstring at the bottom of the parka.

  • Easy washing: To make it easier to wash the garment, it has a taffeta lining that can be removed.

  • Greater comfort: its fleece-lined collar is one of the design features of the raincoat that make it a comfortable garment to be worn throughout the day.

  • Maximum safety: in addition, the raincoat has a microspherical retroreflective tape, which allows optimal day and night visibility.

Other high-visibility waterproof garments

At T2S Ibérica we also manufacture other high-visibility waterproof garments and accessories, to ensure the greatest protection, even in the most challenging climates. Examples of these garments are the Speed pants and the Canyon backpack.

High-visibility waterproof pants for work are the best complement to retroreflective raincoats. In addition, it is the garment of these characteristics with the best price-quality ratio on the market. Some of its main advantages are its high degree of breathability, flexibility, and durability.

high-visibility raincoat
high-visibility raincoat

The Canyon backpack is the perfect rain accessory, but it’s also great for protecting equipment from sand, dust, and mud. Thanks to its welded PVC fabric, it has total impermeability. 

Its ergonomic padded backrest makes it a very comfortable backpack, and its large capacity (30 litres), make it a great companion to transport work items of all kinds.

Ask about all our solutions in hi-vis clothing

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