Vehicle impact attenuators are considered key pieces in road safety, as it is proven that they can prevent up to 80% of deaths due to collision with an obstacle protected by this mechanism. 

According to data from the DGT, in 2022 there were 1,042 fatal accidents on Spanish roads in which 1,145 people lost their lives and another 4,008 were seriously injured. While it is true that not all these accidents could have been prevented with the use of impact attenuators, this figure allows us to show the number of lives lost annually due to issues related to vehicular circulation and the importance of maximizing prevention measures. 

How vehicle impact attenuators work

The basic function of impact attenuators is to absorb the energy of a shock. In this way, thanks to its deformable structure, the vehicle is collected and braked, absorbing all or most of the crash.

Absorbing a crash from a speeding vehicle is not a simple task, but it is essential when it comes to contributing to road safety. The design and materials used are the key to explaining how these devices work.

impact attenuator vehicle

The innovative design and materials used in T2S Ibérica  impact attenuators

The impact attenuators of T2S Ibérica are designed and produced in our factory, by our team of expert professionals in the development of this type of road safety elements, using the most innovative materials.

The road impact attenuator of T2S Ibérica has a meccano-like structure, whose base is supported by a concrete wall and composed of telescopic steel panels. This design allows that, before the impact of a vehicle, the telescopic panels are introduced inside each other, due to some rails practised in the sheet. Thanks to these rails, the system is not deformed or destroyed. 

Inside the panels are box-shaped crossbars containing polyurethane foam or aluminium tubes. Its function is to deform to absorb the energy of the impact, since if they returned to their original shape, they could bounce the vehicle towards the road.

impact attenuator vehicle

The two models of vehicle impact attenuators of T2S Ibérica

In T2S Ibérica we have impact attenuators of two types: parallel and non-parallel.

Parallel road impact attenuators

Parallel attenuators are designed to be installed at road intersections, highway exits and areas with high accident risk.  The main objective of these devices is to safeguard the life of the driver and its occupants and, to their extent, preserve the maximum integrity of the accident vehicle by absorbing impact energy.

Parallel impact attenuators

Like parallels, these attenuators aim to preserve the lives of the driver and other occupants of a vehicle. However, additionally, they are designed to redirect the vehicle away from danger.

4 advantages of impact attenuators

Both parallel and non-parallel attenuators offer several advantages to consider for road safety. These could be summarized in 4 key points:

  • Absorb impact and redirect the vehicle
  • Panels are changed quickly after a collision
  • They are pieces of great visibility both day and night
  • They offer a design with a great aesthetic finish
impact attenuator vehicle

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