T2S Ibérica offers various products for reflective vehicle lettering

It is not often that people take a close look at how traffic is organized. Road traffic is a wide-ranging universe in which many players coexist and abide by certain rules. One of the rules that governs the “jungle” of road traffic and which is of great importance is the reflective vehicle markings. 

reflective signage for vehicles

Due to its importance, our company TS2 Ibérica has specialized in this field, and we are one of the peninsular referents in this field. We are experts in road safety and reflective materials, and more and more companies are trusting us to guarantee the safety of their workers or equipment.

What is reflective vehicle wrapping?

reflective signage for vehicles

Reflective tapes are probably one of the elements that have contributed the most to the prevention of traffic accidents all over the world because the visibility of the vehicle is crucial to avoid injuries to oneself and others. What at first glance appears to be an aesthetic choice, are, in fact, strictly ordered. It is precisely for this reason that reflective labelling products are of great importance.

The reflective materials used have the characteristic of ensuring visibility both day and night. Products have been designed that can be perfectly adapted to a wide range of special vehicles: ambulances, fire engines and even large transporters.  Not only that, but the materials ensure visibility both on the road and on urban roads and in different types of weather conditions, be it fog or heavy rain.

T2S Ibérica’s catalogue of reflective material is extensive and can meet all kinds of needs. So, whatever the specific circumstance that leads you to require reflective signage, you are sure to find what you require at T2S.

Which vehicles must use reflective signage?

Visibility is crucial for certain types of vehicles, but this requires compliance with pre-established standards that function as codes. Not all vehicles use the same system of reflective labelling because the functions they have to fulfil are different, and the way they are labelled must also be different: emergency services, breakdown assistance, assistance to people in accidents, police cars or security forces. 

Likewise, trucks that carry heavy loads and must move, sometimes slowly on the road, or at high speed at night, must be adapted to specific designs according to their length, width or whether they are fitted with trailers. Due to the wide variety of options in this area, we at T2S have a unique range of products designed for reflective truck wrapping.

For this reason, reflective vehicle wrapping materials adapt to the regulations and make a difference in different types of situations so that each specific type of vehicle can focus on its purpose and mission to solve a problem and not be the cause of it. 

reflective signage for vehicles

Quality reflective materials are those that allow the vehicle to be visible and are the safest. Highly visible vehicle markings are crucial to keep road users safe. For this reason, it is essential to be aware of the regulations. Suitable reflective tapes are approved to meet requirements for colour, coefficient of retroreflection, resistance to water, temperature, ignition, or chemicals and that they do not lose their reflective effectiveness in the short or long term.

In T2S Ibérica we are experts in reflective signage

T2S Ibérica is a leading company in the market specializing in retro-reflective materials in Spain and Portugal, offering you products that are perfectly approved for your specific type of vehicle or fleet.

The prestige of our products is so well known that many large companies and even public institutions use our products for the reflective lettering of their vehicle fleets. By way of an anecdote, the recently inaugurated fleet of vehicles of the Mossos de Esquadra police force has some retroreflective elements from T2S. 

On the TS2 Ibérica website you and your company will find specific solutions for your vehicle, whatever its function: all types of reflective tapes and sheets for signage, plus all the experience of our years in the market to offer you complete advice on our products and the road regulations to which they are perfectly aligned.

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