Microspherical retroreflective tapes for heat sealing: what our customers buy the most

Did you know that in T2S Ibérica we are dedicated to sale reflective tape for clothing? Within our range of products as a company specialized in the sale of high visibility clothes, there is also this type of tape that guarantees the safety of its workers. 

T2S Ibérica is the ideal place to buy reflective tape for clothing and ensure the protection of your workers. The thermo-adhesive reflective tape or the reflective adhesive tape for clothing are some of the products we offer to our customers. The most successful are the VIZ201HFR and VIZ205HFR models.

Reflective tape sale for microprismatic clothes

The reflective tape reflects light on the worker’s clothes and those tapes are made of plastic and use the principle of light reflection, so they become more visible, preventing possible accidents. These are also flexible, highly controllable and wash resistant. 

Within the range of super reflective tapes, we offer different models with additional features. These tapes provide high visibility at night, in low visibility conditions and in inclement weather conditions. 

We have models in different textures, such as the case of the model ORALITE GP 801 that has been printed to create a square colour pattern.

If you are looking for a standard reflective tape, the ORALITE GP 325 is a device resistant to solvents and bad weather that we can find reducing visibility.

reflective tape for clothing for sale
reflective tape for clothing for sale

This model is perfect if your employees find themselves in situations where high visibility is not enough, and we need to resist heat and fire in order not to lose the vision we seek.

Our catalogue has tapes used in protective clothing for firefighters, such as ORALITE FTP 2000.

Microspherical retroreflective tapes sale for sewing

Within the variety of reflective safety tapes, it’s possible to find opinions such as microspherical sewing tapes. This is a tape with additional security for display. It’s ideal for employees who work in a low visibility environments where there is a lot of traffic. It has a shelf life of 50 washes.

Advantages of reflective sewing tape

Even if a company has safety clothes for visibility, the workers may need additional visibility. Sewing microbeads became almost an essential solution and that’s how our fast, practical and effective tapes appeared. 

A reflective tape on the road or when in contact with passing vehicles. In addition, it offers high resistance even when washed with water and durability so as not to reduce its reflectivity.

Types of reflective sewing tapes

The T2S website offers several types of sewing tapes:

reflective tape for clothing for sale
  • High visibility microbead sewing tape: the strips are a microfiber pattern that facilitates reflections at any angle, increases visibility, can embroider any type of clothing and keeps its properties intact for a long time. Some models available on the T2S Ibérica website are RETHIOTEX 29250 that complies with the ISO 20471 standard. It has a reflective layer. Use for high visibility professional clothing signs. Unprofessional and excellent value for money.

    Additionally, we have the VizLite gamma as the VizLite 200 model, which uses a reflective material made from polyester and cotton and is a cost-effective solution for high visibility essentials such as trousers or jackets.

  • High Visibility Flame Retardant Precision Sewing Tape: As a tape, in addition to increasing visibility, it also has the advantage of being able to withstand high temperatures. It’s a tape that can be incorporated into flame retardant garments such as pants and welding suits as ir protects workers from flames, sparks and hot materials. The VizLite 305 K, for example, has a central gray stripe and ventilation.

  • Microspherical flame retardant sewing tapes: This type of tape is also intended to increase visibility, but the main function is to resist high temperatures (even flames). For this reason, they are highly approved tapes, as is their use in firefighter uniforms. The VizLite 310 is made with a cotton sole that is available in two colours and is resistant to 25 washes.

  • Non-certified microbead sewing tape: Finally, we have this bar to enlarging the display. Lastly, we also have features for contour shades and safe PPE with optimum high visibility like Rethionex R29300 or with flame retardant properties like VizLite 301 PFR.

Retroreflective tapes for heat sealing seams sale

Microspherical tapes are made with a technology in which glass spheres have a high reflection rate and their metal base makes them act like a mirror when receiving a light source.

It’s a reflective technical process that allows the specific reflection of incident light, such as the light from the headlights of a car. 

reflective tape for clothing for sale

Concerning thermal bonding microspheres, these are tapes with a thermoreactive adhere that adheres easily to materials as diverse as plastic (PVC), polyester, cotton fabrics or textiles, It’s a tape resistant to washing and dry cleaning without losing any of its properties.  When using two or more rolls of tape, care should be taken that its colour and appearance are sufficient to achieve uniformity and colour reflection day and night, and that it blends well with the fabric and the sewing and specially preheating. 

Leaders in the sale of reflective tape for clothing

If you are interested in any of our reflective tapes, we invite you to take a look at our website or contact for sales department. You can write to us at [email protected] or call us at  +34 93 848 05 68.