There is a type of reflective tape for clothing depending on the needs we want to cover.

How should we use reflective tape for clothing, and which is the best? When choosing a reflective tape, these and many other questions are likely to arise. 

Let’s take it one step at a time, the main purpose of a reflective tape is to make the wearer visible to the environment in low light conditions. It is a piece of clothing that is mainly used in the workplace, but it is also increasingly used in sportswear, as it can help to avoid being run over or in an accident. 

As to the question: what is the best retro-reflective tape for clothing? There is no single answer, it all depends on where and in what situation we are going to use it.

reflective tape for clothing

Types of reflective tape for professional clothing

Nowadays, there are different types of retro-reflective tapes:

  • High visibility

    These are models of tape that offer visibility at long distances and from any point in the work area where we are. They are tapes that can be adapted to different garments, from waistcoats or T-shirts to wallets, bags, or even shoes. There are models of adhesive and sewing tapes, the choice will depend on the user’s criteria and what he prefers. Both options are valid for professional and non-professional clothing and accessories.

  • Fire retardant

    These are tapes which, in addition to providing the wearer with high visibility, are intended for use on clothing which has to withstand extreme heat and flame. As with high-visibility tapes, there are models of flame retardant tapes for sewing to clothing or for heat-sealing, depending on the user’s preference.

  • Electrostatic properties

    At T2S we have tapes that in addition to offering flame retardant and high visibility properties, offer electrostatic resistance, as in the case of the VizLite 301 IW model. This type of tape is therefore ideal for workers in the industrial electricity sector, power generators, in the petrochemical or railway sector. They are tapes that protect the person against static electricity and electrostatic discharge.

Reflective tapes for non-professional clothing

Nowadays, reflective tapes are also present in non-professional clothing, and serve as a decorative element of the pieces. This boom means that we have to consider the type of non-approved tapes.

A very exemplary case is when we practice sport outdoors, either on roads or rural roads, where we can face situations in which we can unintentionally have an accident due to lack of visibility.

reflective tape for clothing

What are the advantages of non-approved reflective tapes?

  • We can include them in clothing as well as in accessories or sports equipment such as bicycles, skates, helmets, or footwear.

  • Even though they are not designed for professional clothing, they offer excellent levels of reflectivity that can reach up to 30 cd lx-1 m-2 in the case of the VizLite-091 model.

  • As they come in a sewing reel format, we can easily choose the piece we need for each garment.

  • The reflective light of the tape consists of partially aluminized coloured mbeads™ and, regardless of the colour of the tape, the light reflected is white.

  • Highly resistant to domestic washing, up to 40º.

  • There is a choice of different colours: black, white, orange, or yellow.

So, as you can see, there is a wide variety of models and characteristics of reflective tapes available on the market today. There is no one type of tape that is better than another, it all depends on the use we want to give to that tape. Depending on that use, we will choose a tape with the type of properties and technical specifications that best suit our needs.

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