The sealing of asphalt cracks is key in a context in which, year after year, the General State Budget (PGE), foresees expenses that are insufficient for the construction of new roads. Therefore, it is essential to have materials that allow the asphalt to be repaired to leave it as new, with the minimum possible budget. 

In T2S Ibérica we have all the necessary material for the sealing of cracks and fissures in the asphalt quickly, efficiently and with a lasting result. Therefore, regardless of the state of deterioration of the asphalt, with our solutions you can make repairs that will last over time.

How to seal cracks in asphalt with T2S Ibérica products

Sealing cracks in the asphalt is key to ensuring the safety of vehicles that travel that road. However, keeping the pavement in good condition also contributes to increasing the service life of vehicles by up to 25%, and can reduce fuel consumption by up to 34%. 

Taking into account the importance of keeping the asphalt in good condition, in T2S Ibérica we have a wide range of products in the catalogue of our website, which allow us to fix different types of damage to the pavement.

grietas en el asfalto

Repair cracks in asphalt with Rollplast

For sealing cracks in asphalt, Rollplast acrylic polymer resin is the right product. This product incorporates a mixed aggregate, which gives it a better consistency. In this way, an anti-slip index close to 65 SRT is achieved on the pavement. 

To apply it, it takes between ten and fifteen minutes, to which you have to add the twenty to forty minutes that you have to wait to be able to paint. After this time, the arrangement is considered complete, and it is already possible to resume traffic.

In your application, this product must be mixed with Perkadox peroxide reagent. That’s why Rollplast comes in bags of 200 grams of pot peroxide, inside 16-kilogram cans, on 60-can pallets.

Restore burned surfaces with Rollgrip

Rollgrip is a polymeric resin that is used for the repair of burnt asphalt. It stands out for the speed of the arrangement, since it is applied in a maximum of 15 minutes on the burned surface, and after 40 minutes it can be painted or opened to traffic. 

This product is available in various colours and can also be used to repair peelings and potholes. It is distributed in pallets of 60 cans and for its application it is necessary to use a bag of 200 g of peroxide per can.

Rollgrip negro
reparación de asfalto en frío

Fix potholes and peelings with the ChipFill

Chipfill, is a thermoplastic that is designed for the repair of potholes and small holes in the asphalt, with a diameter that is between 15 and 20 centimetres in diameter. In addition to filling potholes, this product minimizes the risk of defects increasing. 

The repair time is 20 minutes, until it can be reopened to traffic. It is necessary that the surface to be repaired is clean and dry, before proceeding to apply heat up to 200 degrees.

 Anti-Skid is a non-slip crushed glass aggregate that is used in a complementary way to the ChipFill, with the aim of increasing the anti-slip index.

Trust T2S Ibérica to seal asphalt cracks

If you need personalized advice on our materials to cover cracks in the asphalt, we invite you to contact, without any commitment, with our commercial team.  You can do so by calling the number 93 848 05 68, sending an email to [email protected], or through our contact form. We will be happy to advise you!