Softshell jackets and detachable jackets: how to choose the most suitable model

Our company, T2S Ibérica, is specialized in the manufacturing and distribution of high visibility items that are used to indicate road signs and to guarantee the safety of roads and workers, we have an endless catalogue of softshell work jackets, parkas, vests, and pants.

In our extensive product catalogue, you will find high visibility PPE clothing, road signal reflectors, multiple vehicles beaconing kits, reflective sheets for the development of numerous traffic signs, and a lot more.

softshell work jacket

All About Softshell Work Jackets and Detachable Jackets

On our website you can find different models of softshell work jackets, detachable jackets and high visibility jackets with different characteristics that adapt to the preferences and needs of each user.

softshell work jacket

Each one of them complies with the corresponding safety regulations and offers minimum conditions such as durability, low wear and tear, breathable characteristics and that the cleaning cycle does not affect them excessively.

Softshell work jackets are resistant, light and fully breathable, which makes them suitable for any work sectors. These jackets are perfect for protecting against cold weather because they don’t limit the worker’s movements. The models available are: high visibility, black or any other striking colours.

Softshell work jackets: what are the characteristics of the fabric?

Softshell fabric is a type of fabric made up of three layers: polyester on the outside and fleece or microfleece on the inside, all of which are separated by a thin fabric.

The main feature of the Softshell work jackets is that they have been specially designed to offer better protection for outdoors working. In the same way, as a general rule, they are resistant to wind, waterproof, and even resist high levels of abrasion thanks to their technology.

Softshell garments block strong weather conditions such as wind and water due to their mechanical resistance. These are the reasons that make the Softshell jackets ideal for carrying out activities outside.
We must highlight the manufacturing of its materials with flexible and light synthetic fabrics, as well as them being versatile. Likewise, they add the elastane component to the fabric to ensure that the material is completely elastic and does not limit the movement of the body movements.

softshell work jacket

Softshell work jackets: prices and models

The price of Softshell work jackets can range between 15 and 80 euros, depending on the peculiarities of each jacket: variety of colours, sizes and prints, adjustable, breathable, water-repellent designs and even reflective elements.

Some types found in our catalogue are BABYLONE, SHERPA, HIMALAYA, NEPAL, ANNAPURNA, ETNA, FALCON, or ROCKET.

Are detachable jackets useful?

Detachable jackets are very functional because they adapt to the needs of whose wearing them. They don’t have the same function as Softshell jackets, since depending on the climate and the existing temperature they can be used with or without sleeves, this without affecting their status as a high visibility garment.

Benefits of Softshell workplace jackets

These jackets comply with the Class 3 regulations required to offer maximum visibility both day and night. Likewise, its fitted fit (more or less fitted) allows certain functionality as well as movement freedom.

In addition, the softshell work jackets that we offer at T2S Ibérica allow different adjustments to the cuffs so that they are as practical as possible for the user. Softshell jackets provide great comfort and guarantee high protection.

They also stand out for their great versatility, since their removable sleeves allow the worker to use them in the most comfortable way depending on the weather conditions.

These jackets have been standardized on the market for a long time, especially in sports such as hiking or activities in cold climates that require specific clothing. However, the sector is expanding, since they are now used in the workplace due to all the benefits they have: better security and greater protection for workers who carry out their work activities outdoors.

softshell work jacket

However, the professional work softshell jacket offers safety, allowing workers to be seen easily, as well as greater protection against any kind of weather.

Where to buy the best softshell work jackets and detachable jackets?

At TS2 Ibérica, we can advise you on all types of softshell work jackets depending on the specific needs you may have for you or your workers.

If you are not sure which one to choose, and you are not sure which hi-vis jacket your team members should wear, contact us: write us at [email protected] or call us at (93) 848 05 68, and we will help you select the correct option.