To ensure the protection of your staff at work, it is necessary that they have the necessary implements and tools to perform a job that, in addition to being well done, is properly safe for them. In this sense, in T2S Ibérica, as a leading company in safety, we offer various garments and equipment that, according to European regulations for high visibility clothing in force, are essential to preserve the physical integrity of workers.

For this purpose, it is essential to know which reflective waterproof trousers for work should be chosen according to the work activity to be performed. If you have any doubts about what type of trousers you should equip your workers with, do not hesitate to contact T2S Ibérica. We will explain to you in detail the singularities of each model and which of them best suits your needs.

waterproof reflective work trousers

What to consider when choosing reflective waterproof trousers for work?

The first aspect in choosing a reflective waterproof trouser for work is to determine whether a model is suitable for working on roads and highways.

Likewise, each garment has advantages and disadvantages that must be weighed by the purchaser. In particular, waterproof trousers, except around the legs and waist, do not offer general protection to the worker, but must be complemented with other implements.

The benefits of reflective trousers are that, firstly, they are specially designed to be worn in bad weather conditions and, in addition, they are waterproof and have elements that provide greater visibility outdoors. 

Reflective waterproof trousers for work can be used in any work environment where there are other industrial safety elements. All models of waterproof trousers that you will find in T2S Ibérica comply with the EN343 standard.

Workwear for cold and rain, which complies with EN343 standards, has a special feature: it is always accompanied by two digits. The first of these refers to waterproofness and the second to breathability. The scale of values goes from 1 to 3, with 1 being the lowest value and 3 the highest.

What models of waterproof reflective work trousers do we offer?

Our catalogue has different models of reflective waterproof trousers for work that adapt to the circumstances and requirements that you, as a customer, need. The advantages of using reflective trousers are implicit in the variety of models that exist in the market. 

Because of this, at T2S Ibérica we ensure that our safety equipment is backed by the strictest quality seals, among which we offer the following models:


Reflective waterproof work trousers specially designed for rain. Its two-layer laminate guarantees the user greater breathability, waterproofing, resistance and flexibility. It is ideal for demanding jobs due to its reinforcement on the knees and lower part of each leg, in addition to an optimal grip that makes it a great option for outdoor use.

waterproof reflective work trousers
waterproof reflective work trousers

CAP HORN trousers

It is a reflective waterproof pant for work that has a sealed seam that provides total protection against rain. Additionally, it has microprismatic retro-reflective tape that provides high visibility under these conditions.


Made of 100% polyester and fully lined, this waterproof pant is also breathable. Its sealed seam provides full protection against rain and snap closure at the bottom of the legs. It is therefore a safe bet in terms of visibility and body fit for workers.

waterproof reflective work trousers
waterproof reflective work trousers


This reflective waterproof work pant is specially manufactured for the most extreme conditions of rain and wind. Its RETHIOTEX® micro-spherical retro-reflective tape provides greater visibility to the worker, in addition to the other safety features, such as the hook and loop adjuster at the bottom of the sleeves.

ETNA Trousers

This reflective waterproof work pant is also breathable, giving you full protection in the rain. In addition, it has high visibility and antistatic, flame-retardant fabric, optimum grip and retro-reflective tape for increased visibility in day and night work. However, its greatest benefit is that it is a waterproof, reflective, multi-risk trouser.

waterproof reflective work trousers

Find the waterproof reflective work trousers you are looking for!

As you can see, the choice of reflective waterproof pants for work is a task that must be meticulously studied by the buyer. Although there are several options, the most important thing is to consider the priorities in safety and complement the implements, in addition to proper maintenance of the garments. 

Therefore, in T2S we invite you to contact us through any of our channels, where we guarantee personalized advice for the evaluation and acquisition of products according to your needs. You can find us at [email protected] or on +34 93 848 05 68.