LEDS are an innovative element in reflective work waistcoats

Reflective work waistcoats are one of the most widely used high-visibility garments on the market. They are used both continuously and for workers who at any given moment find themselves in a low visibility situation.

These garments are key to avoid possible accidents at work due to being run over and to make us visible in the immediate environment where we find ourselves. But what is the latest on the market in reflective work waistcoats? Waistcoats with LED lights.

Why should we opt for reflective work waistcoats with LED lights?

Waistcoats and reflective work clothing with LED lights are the latest in the sector. They are pieces of high visibility clothing that in addition to the common and mandatory retro-reflective stripe, incorporate a set of LED lights that give greater visibility to the person wearing them.

What are the advantages of high-visibility workwear with LEDs?

  • They are pieces that incorporate 11 high brightness LEDs for maximum visibility: 6 on the front and 5 on the back.

  • The LED lights are powered by a rechargeable ion battery via the USB port. In just 5 hours of charging, the garment offers a battery life of 16 hours in flashing mode, and 8 hours in continuous flashing mode.

  • The LEDs offer three lighting modes which are slow flash, fast flash and continuous mode.

  • We receive a warning when the battery is low.

  • They are resistant to washing at 30º without affecting their characteristics and properties in a cycle of 12 washes. The only warning, we have to remove the battery before introducing the garment to be washed.

  • Of course, these garments are made of fluorescent fabric and retro-reflective tapes that comply with high visibility and protection regulations.

In addition to jackets with LED lights, there are also jackets with LED lights. This type of jacket is a detachable garment that guarantees optimal protection against adverse weather, both for rain and cold, as well as extra high visibility due to the incorporation of LED lights. It offers other advantages such as breathability, and includes RETHIOTEX® micro-spherical retro-reflective tape, making the piece a quality PPE and offering optimal day and night visibility. The jacket features the Mark&Scratch concept, a solution to customize the garment in a jiffy. The self-fastening system sewn on the sleeve allows for easy customization.

The Fit&Zip zip system allows for easy combination of hi-visibility garments with LEDs, allowing for interchangeability of garments according to weather conditions.

Other situations where we could make use of high-visibility LED clothing

It is interesting to point out that these garments are not only used in the workplace, but we can also face situations in our daily life where the use of these high-visibility LED garments is of interest.

We are referring to practising sports such as hiking, cycling or mountain hiking in low visibility areas or at night. A waistcoat with LED lights can give us that key point to become visible on the road, rural roads or in the mountains for other vehicles.

reflective work waistcoats

Do you still have doubts about the advantages of reflective work waistcoats with LEDs?

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