The constant traffic of vehicles on streets, roads, and motorways leads to a progressive deterioration of the asphalt layer, so it is often necessary to make repairs at surface to prolong its useful life. 

Based on this premise, the use of implements such as the Rollplast asphalt repairer represents an option with which you will be able to repair asphalt like a professional at a cost that suits your finances.

At T2S Ibérica we propose that you discover the Rollplast and if the product convinces you, which we are sure it will, we offer it to you with a full guarantee. In this way, your asphalt repairs will be efficient and, above all, of high quality.

Rollplast asphalt repairer

Not only is asphalt repair with Rollplast a feasible form of maintenance, but the application method is simple and the repair time on roads is short.

How does Rollplast asphalt repair work?

Rollplast asphalt repairer

Responding to the wear and tear of asphalt, products can be applied whose principle is precisely to repair minor cracks or fissures that may be present in this layer. Rollplast grey asphalt repair is essentially a polymeric acrylic resin with aggregate that is very useful for the maintenance of cracks and fissures in roads, although it can also be applied to surfaces that are bare or full of potholes.

Consequently, Rollplast is not only a high-quality product for road maintenance, but also a cost-saving system for asphalt repair. In addition to its already known attributes in terms of repairing the asphalt layer, it possesses, among other properties, an anti-slip capability that makes it a suitable choice for the surfacing of asphalt roads and other structures, if necessary.

How to apply Rollplast asphalt repairer

Although the purpose of Rollplast asphalt repairer is to create a coating that covers the affected area, its application is subject to various practical and technical considerations that must be followed to the letter to achieve full results. 

Thus, the steps to make an efficient repair are as follows:

  • Asphalt, as a bituminous surface, must be prepared beforehand, as the area to be repaired must be dry and free of dust.

  • The Rollplast asphalt repair agent must be combined with Perkadox peroxide reagent, which comes in a 200 gram package per bottle purchased.

  • After mixing the components, the resulting solution is applied quickly, since at room temperature it takes about 15 minutes to do so.

The application process, although simple, must be carried out meticulously to obtain the best possible result. It is therefore important to realize that the quality of the work does not depend solely on the Rollplast asphalt repair resin, but on the care taken in the aspects of the repair.

Additional considerations for Rollplast Asphalt Repairer

There are noticeable differences when applying Rollplast asphalt repair in high or low temperatures, as the hotter the temperature, the faster the product will dry. Thus, a cold asphalt repair will take longer to dry, and it is prudent to consider the use of a reactive thinner to help with the viscosity of the product required for low-temperature application.

Furthermore, the standard version is grey, although other colours are available and are useful for asphalt surfacing and other types of surfaces such as cycle paths, concrete walls or various types of exteriors that have been damaged by wear and tear.

Rollplast asphalt repairer

What can T2S offer you in terms of asphalt repair?

As a leading company in the materials and road safety sector, at T2S Ibérica, we offer you the solutions you are looking for to repair cracks and fissures. We have a logistics platform of more than 3,500 m3, which allows us to distribute our customers’ orders quickly and efficiently. In a maximum of 72 hours, orders arrive at our customers’ facilities. 

For these and many more reasons, for better advice, we invite you to contact us using our form, and we will contact you shortly to attend to your requests. If you prefer, you can write us an email to or call us on 93 848 05 68.