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High visibility softshell parka for men and women

At T2S IBÉRICA, we are quality benchmarks in retroreflective materials in Spain and Portugal. Our softshell parkas, apart from guaranteeing road safety by complying with the regulations established by the Spanish government, we are also a benchmark in the sector due to our designs and the materials used in the manufacturing.

We design, manufacture and market all our products with the aim of, not only complying with the regulations, but also to guarantee you and your team member’s well-being during the workday or on road trips.

All our softshell parka models

Among the T2S Ibérica products, the one that stands out the most, not only for the material, but also for its design, is the softshell parka for both men and women. The material of these designs is made from Wovetex Air factory, with a fixed quilted lining that offers breathability, waterproofing and optimal protection against the cold.

 Our company is a benchmark in the region and our products stand out for their quality, safety and being at the forefront. This allows us to guarantee that by purchasing our products, you will be complying with the current road safety regulations, and also protecting the workers who will use them. 

Our softshell parkas are made with lightweight materials and pre-shaped removable sleeves to allow better mobility.

In addition, they have cell phone pockets with anti-radiation fabric for the device’s electromagnetic waves, reflective tape that allows visibility both day and night, and back protection against the cold. Within the sector, we are known for providing road safety with our products for both men and women and a line of greater protection focused on workers.

 You can find out more about our parka catalogue below:


The Kilimanjaro Parka is made with Wovetex Air factory and features a fixed quilted lining that allows breathability and protection against the cold. Plus, this softshell parka’s design includes RETHIOTEX retroreflective tapes, which guarantee optimal visibility by day and night. You can find it from size S to XXL.


Reliable, comfortable and very safe, this high-visibility 4-in-1 is made with Wovetex 300 fabric. It features retro-reflective tape with rhinestones, removable sleeves and a fleece lining with a back protector against the cold.


This design is specially designed for women due to its shape and elastic waist. In addition, it is a high visibility 4-in-1 design that guarantees breathability, waterproofing, and protection against the cold. The microsphere retroreflective tape guarantees the safety required by European standards. You can find this model: XS, S, M, L, XL.


Among the ranges of softshell parkas from T2S Ibérica, there is also the EIGER model, whose hallmark is a Wovetex 150 PU-coated fabric and a lining against cold and rain. Unlike the softshell parkas mentioned above, the retroreflective tape on this model is spherical, allowing a greater registration and visibility at any time of the day.


The technology in this softshell parka is one of the most outstanding of the firm. The Nepal design has ultra-resistant materials, which allows it to be washed in the industrial laundry. Unlike the others, this design is made with two layers of waterproof Wovetex Strong fabric. It is perfect for work and guarantees visibility at any time of the day thanks to its two retroreflective band technologies: microspheres + microprisms. In addition, it has a removable hood system and total protection against wind and rain.


This design is available from size S to XXXL and stands out for being experimental artists, waterproof and breathable. It is the only softshell parka on the market with contrasting colours and a Micromink lined collar and chin guard. It’s made of waterproof and breathable 100% polyester Wovetex Air fabric with a microporous coating.

ODIN parka

This softshell parka is one of the most prestigious and requested for the workplace. Its design provides multi-risk protection and optimal comfort at the same time. This is a class 3 PPE and has been reinforced to be resistant against flames, heat, welding and grinding sparks and electric arc. It has a Modacrylic FR flame retardant coating that provides a better solution for work: the Fit & Zip concept.


This model is class 3 and is characterized by its design in Wovetex Stop Flam fabric and RETHIOTEX fire retardant retroreflective tape. This design is one of the best solutions for work based on the Fit & Zip concept.

ETNA parka

With an innovative design and high technology, this one os perfect for your business due to its design specially made thinking of the worker’s safety and comfort. It is a class 3 multi-risk PPE. Made with antistatic fabrics, flame retardant twill fabric and Rethiotex flame retardant retroreflective tape. Designed for rainy days with a total protection against the cold and wind. It also has microbead retroreflective strips.

If you are interested in learning more about our softshell parka models, do not hesitate and contact us. At T2S Ibérica, we are at your entire disposal.


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