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If you are looking for the best quality men’s hi-vis softshell jacket, you are in the appropriate place

Workwear such as men’s hi-vis softshell jackets must guarantee total protection against all risks and, at the same time, be comfortable and warm. It is significant that these garments support and facilitate all movement without hindering it.

The need for unhindered movement is essential for workers exposed to risks, for whom precise movement is their profession. This is why the most cutting-edge fabrics in the accident prevention sector are designed based on that premise.

The Softshell fabric which we use at T2S IBÉRICA to make work clothes is indeed one of those fabrics.

Softshell features and benefits

If you want to buy a man’s hi-vis softshell jacket, you should know that Softshell fabric is generally made of three different overlapping layers that are pressed together by attaching a breathable membrane in the middle. Each of the layers of material has a specific function, since Softshell is not necessarily a factory, but rather an industrial concept in itself.

  • The outer layer

The outer layer is polyester, but may also contain a small percentage of elastane. In any case, it is waterproof and resistant to external agents, such as wind and snow. The outer fabric has a dense and elastic texture that makes the garment windproof and water-repellent. Its particular structure guarantees a very compact surface which is easy to decorate and customize.

  • The middle layer

The middle layer is a breathable membrane that contains thousands of tiny pores, too small for water to penetrate, but large enough to let vapour out. Breathability is essential, and workwear must allow body moisture to escape without stagnating. Proper oxygen circulation is necessary to work healthily. In addition, body temperature must not rise, and the skin must remain dry.

  • The inner layer

The inner layer is made of micro fleece and helps to keep you warm. This fabric is composed of a lightweight microfibre, which ensures warmth, comfort and total flexibility, ensuring ideal thermoregulation in very light and thermally insulating garments. It is a material with a very high resistance to tearing, cuts and abrasions.

Softshell and risk protection

Safety clothing is mandatory for all categories of workers exposed to risks. Work clothes must protect against electric arc, acids, bacterial contamination and exposure to cold, fire, or weather.

For this reason, this type of fabric is perfectly adapted to the pressing needs required by hi-vis clothing. Softshell lends itself very well to hi-vis workwear because the three layers of different materials provide the necessary warmth for those working outdoors, even at night or in adverse weather conditions.

T2S IBÉRICA Softshell jackets comply with all safety and protection standards for men and women working on the roadside and public roads.

Hi-vis softshell work clothes offer exceptional comfort, with different models offering various features and sizes ranging from S (small) to extra large 3XL, with masculine and feminine designs.

T2S IBÉRICA softshell garments: ready to be washed at home

Softshell is a factory specially designed to keep the body warm and dry, to ensure maximum thermal insulation and to withhold wind and rain. But the nature of outdoor work also exposes garments to tough dirt and requires intensive washing. Softshell garments can be washed at home with satisfactory results. It is recommended to wash at a temperature no higher than 40 °C and, if necessary, to steam iron at a low temperature. Always close all the zips, pockets and remove batteries from the LED lights if the model has them.

The best cutting-edge work clothes in T2S Ibérica

At T2S IBÉRICA we have more than thirty years of experience in making work clothes that comply with all safety regulations and protect your company’s staff. Always one step ahead and offering cutting-edge design and the best leading materials. You can contact us for information and choose the best professional clothing by evaluating aspects such as functionality, safety and design.

Email us at [email protected] or call us on +34 93 848 05 68, and we will assist you without any problem.


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