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In T2S Iberica we have the large variety of high-quality t-shirts and polo shirts for men and for women. Our firm specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of high-visibility products. All our items are ergonomic and specifically designed to match the skin touch to be the most comfortable.  

Furthermore, the fabric used in the high-visibility clothes considers all temperature ranges, from hot to cold climates, so the person wearing it will always be 100% safe. 

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T2S Iberica selection of workware polo shirts for men and women

All the polo shirts in our webpage are high-visibility, they have flashy colours such as orange and yellow, although they are also available in darker tones. The different styles of workwear polo shirts for men and women we offer are: 

  • High visibility polo BORMEO: Manufactured with polyester Nittex Ultra Light knitted mesh and RETIOTEX® reflective bands has been fully designed to be light, transpirable, flexible, and elastic. It will never chave the skin because it hasn’t any internal seams, and it is the mesh located under the arm sleeves allows maximum air circulation. 
  • Polo TAKAMAKA: This polo shirt has been designed to stay dry for long hours. It’s so comfortable than wearing feels like not wearing anything at all. It’s great flexibility it’s due to the micro spherical reflective bands, divided into segments, that have been added using heat. 
  • Polo GINKO: This polo shirt offers multi-risk protection. It has been manufactured with technical materials (double face fabrics, fireproof textiles and reflective bands) for a greater comfort. 
  • Polo COBALT: Similar to the previous products but in darker colours, it grants a better security due to its multi-risk protection. 

Even though it doesn’t look like the rest of the products, the Key LARGO T-Shirt also belongs to this category. It has been manufactured with cotton and polyester and sectioned reflective bands added with heat that make it more comfortable. It’s designed to resemble streetwear fashion: Well finished neck, pocket with invisible zip, scalloped back and front buttons. 

T2S Iberica selection of t-shirts

All of our t-shirts are high-visibility, made in orange or yellow, so they can be spotted both in the daylight and during nighttime. The types of t-shirts available in our catalogue are: 

  • T-shirt BALI (both long and short sleeve): Manufactured in polyester Nittex Ultra Light knitted mesh also includes a RETHIOTEX® sectioned reflective band gives this t-shirt an exceptional lightness, breathability, flexibility, and elasticity. Moreover, it doesn’t have any internal seams for a greater comfort. 
  • T-shirt JAKARTA: This non-sleeve t-shirt (also available with long sleeves) is produced with the doubled faced fabric Niittex Duo, that combines polyester and cotton and is very comfortable, light, transpirable, flexible and elastic. Just like the previous one, it has not internal seams.
  • T-shirt BELIZE: Manufactured with a fabric that tolerate large transferences of humidity, it remains dry for a long time, and it’s very comfortable. At the same time, it includes sectioned micro spheric reflective bands applied using heat. The mesh located under the arm sleeves allows a maximum circulation of air for a fast transpiration. 
  • T-shirt BAHIA: This is our high-visibility t-shit specifically designed for women. Its narrow silhouette gives it a fashionable touch, and it also is very light and soft in tactile sense. It includes a technical mesh with a light touch that grants breathability and a reflective band. 

The best workwear t-shirts and polos for men are women are in T2S Iberica

If you are still deciding or have any doubts about which t-shirts and polos should wear your team members, don’t hesitate and get in touch with one of our experts. Contact us at [email protected] or call 938 48 95 68, and we will help you pick the perfect option for your workers.


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