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As part of the essential equipment for outdoor work, high visibility waterproof trousers are essential in terms of occupational safety. For this reason, at T2S Ibérica we have the best options on the market for your comfort and protection, with the proper certifications and guarantees to be used in outdoor environments. In this way, in our catalog you will be able to see different alternatives that will surely satisfy your requirements and you will be able to acquire high visibility waterproof pants that adapt to your needs.

¿What are the characteristics of the NEPAL high visibility waterproof trousers? 

Made with Wovetex Strong fabric, these safety pants are not only waterproof, but also breathable and have useful laminates in terms of strength and flexibility for the worker. In addition, the NEPAL high visibility waterproof trousers can be purchased in two different colors and in sizes from S to 3XL. In this sense, they are a work garment that easily adapts to daily work and, due to its characteristics, can be used by your workers.


At T2S Ibérica we understand the need to provide your work team with top quality work clothing, which is why these waterproof trousers for outdoor work are very comfortable to wear. Weighing only about 200 grams, the NEPAL pants are also very light, despite the fact that they have reinforcements to protect sensitive parts of the body, such as the crotch, waist and knees. As a result, this hi-vis raincoat can be an interesting addition to your stock.


CAPHORN high visibility waterproof trousers: total protection against rain 

On those days when the weather gets worse, making it difficult for your workers to carry out their work effectively, the CAPHORN pants are an excellent opportunity for your team. These hi-vis rain pants are made from breathable Wovetex Air fabric, which provides extra strength even in a barrage. Plus, its microprismatic retroreflective tape helps improve your staff’s visibility in low-light and outdoor conditions.


Without a doubt, these waterproof trousers are specially designed to work in climatic conditions in which other similar garments do not meet expectations. This is mainly due to its sealed seam, which prevents the passage of water no matter how much rain falls on the job site.


Likewise, this garment provides enough comfort so that the worker can carry out his activity without extenuating circumstances and complete his task according to the parameters stipulated in industrial safety. For this reason, CAPHORN waterproof pants are a high quality purchase, according to your requirements in high visibility clothing.



¿Why should you trust the design offered by the EVERGLADES Hi-Vis Rain Pant? 

Like the rest of the high visibility waterproof pants, this EVERGLADES model adds an essential feature: a PU coating that improves the waterproofing capacity of your work garment. Similarly, with three different colors, these waterproof pants can include removable elastic straps that substantially improve the worker’s support so that it can be used thoroughly in more demanding areas. On the other hand, its 100% polyester construction guarantees that it is impenetrable against the rain, while its legs with button closure help to improve protection against wind and cold. 


At T2S Ibérica we especially recommend this product for situations or extraordinary climatic conditions, especially when it is necessary to carry out work outdoors that, if not done, could generate additional setbacks.


BERMUDES: an effective rain cover-up 


With its high-frequency welding, these high-visibility waterproof trousers offer additional details, since in addition to being PU-coated, they have a reinforced crotch triangle that greatly improves worker mobility. This, without a doubt, is a fundamental aspect to consider when buying pants with these characteristics. 


On the other hand, elastic and regulated straps are included to improve support and, consequently, the work to be done. Additionally, its heat-sealed RETHIOTEX retroreflective tape guarantees greater resistance to inclement conditions such as strong wind and rain, in addition to the maintenance of the garment during washing.


¿Do you require a multi-risk garment? You will get it in the ETNA high visibility waterproof trousers! 


As its description suggests, this hi-vis waterproof pant is made from highly technical materials, such as flame-retardant anti-static twill fabric, allowing the worker to perform in more hazardous situations. In addition, it has reinforcements in a sensitive area such as the knees, so that they are better protected in more complicated contexts. Its construction made from polyester and carbon fiber makes these high visibility waterproof pants an essential item for companies that need to do work where there is a risk of electric shock or burns.

Therefore, it is a highly resistant garment to extreme conditions, complying with the strictest quality standards in its production. At T2S Ibérica, our intention is to provide reliable materials and items to our customers, so we recommend that this product become part of your stock.


Get the best high visibility waterproof pants on the market at T2S Ibérica 

Our catalog of high visibility waterproof pants offers a list of essential garments that you will have the opportunity to acquire at excellent prices. Under the premise of offering personalized and quality attention, you can contact us through our website and, very kindly, T2S Ibérica will attend to your requirements on security implements.



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