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At T2S Ibérica you can find different models of men’s parkas for work. In our online store, you can find different parkas in different colors of parkas that comply with the multiple safety regulations that are required. If you still haven’t decided which type of parka is most suitable for your employees or for yourself, here are some details of the men’s parkas for work that we consider best.


Men’s parkas for work: TITAN model 


The TITAN parka is an excellent protection against heat and flames, perfect for jobs where maximum safety is required. This is thanks to the fabric with which it is made, the 300D Oxford flame retardant lining fabric. 

At the same time, its fully lined and waterproof seams make the TITAN parka a great protector against the rain. The lower part of the sleeves have velcro adjustments, and includes an extra protector for the back area. 

It has microspherical retroreflective tape, which makes it a high visibility night work jacket. In addition, it has two straps for easy attachment of radios or microphones to one side of the parka. The seams of the sleeves are preformed so that it has greater ease of movement in the arms.


TITAN Model Specifications 

  • It needs washing care at 40º C, in accordance with ISO 6330 4N, to prevent it from losing its properties in terms of retroreflective tapes. 
  • They are available in different sizes, from size S to size XXXL. It is also possible to find other types of adapted sizes, for that consult customer service. Available in dark blue colour.


Men’s parkas for work: model KEROSENE 

The KEROSENE parka is made of 300D Flame Retardant Oxford fabric, and in turn covered by a fire-retardant inner lining, especially conducive to optimal protection against flames and heat. 

Its sealed seams and waterproof lining make it perfect for protection against rain. The sleeves are preshaped to facilitate greater movement in the upper part of the body, and at the same time they have a velcro adjuster at the bottom of the sleeves.


This style of parka features retro-reflective microbead stripes, perfect for maximum visibility both day and night. It includes an inner back protector, and two locking systems to be able to adjust any microphone.


Specifications of the KEROSENE model 

  • This parka needs washing care at 40º C, according to ISO 6330 4N, for its optimal maintenance. 
  • Available sizes from S to XXXL. Other types of sizes are possible if necessary on request, contact us. 
  • There are two types of colours to choose from: yellow – dark blue, and orange – dark blue.


Men’s parkas for work: model SKY 

This SKY model parka is high visibility and is made with 300D Oxford fabric, it is 100% polyester with polyurethane induction. This is a simple and lightweight hi-vis work jacket, weighing less than 1kg in total, and highly effective in all types of weather. It is available in sizes from S to XXXL, and in yellow/dark blue, or orange/dark blue, to choose from.


Men’s parkas for work: model MACH 

The MACH parka is made with a 300D Oxford polyurethane coated fabric, in addition to having a padded and fixed inner lining for optimal protection against cold and rain. 

It’s waterproof with 300D Wovetex polyester fabric, taped seams, and a fully lined, waterproof collar and hood.

It has microspherical retroreflective tape that facilitates day and night visibility to the maximum. Furthermore, it has ribbed cuffs and a drawstring at the bottom of the parka.


Specifications of the MACH model 

  • This parka requires washing care at 40º C, in accordance with ISO 6330 4N. 
  • It is available in sizes from S to XXXL, and it is possible to find other types of sizes on request. 
  • You can select it in two colours: yellow/dark blue, and orange/dark blue.

Get the best men’s parkas for work on the market at T2S Ibérica 

If you are interested in getting high-quality men’s parkas for work at an optimal price, at T2S Ibérica you will find exactly what you are looking for. 

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