Buying labour raincoats: garments to take care of workers

When  buying high visibility work raincoats, in the T2S Ibérica catalogue you will find what you are looking for, thanks to the wide range of options we have for you. Innovation and quality are two of the characteristics that distinguish all our products.

In addition to buying work raincoats, on our website you can find other types of high-visibility clothing: vests, wind stoppers, parkas, softshells, t-shirts and polo shirts, pants and accessories such as backpacks and bracelets. In T2S Ibérica we also manufacture, market and distribute high visibility PPE garments and retroreflective materials for road signage, beaconing and vehicle labelling.

The T2S Ibérica catalogue to buy labour raincoats

With an innovative design and made with materials of the highest quality, the SKY Raincoat is one of the most chosen models. This garment is made of Oxford 300D polyurethane covered fabric, which guarantees optimal protection against rain.

In addition, its design makes it a versatile garment that can be used alone, as well as with the ROCKET detachable jacket or with the FALCON softshell, for greater protection against the cold. In this way, it is ideal for work environments with changing climates, or for those areas with a high thermal amplitude.

It is also a garment that can be used throughout the year, both in the warmest and coldest seasons. In this way, it is an efficient garment, which also makes it a smart investment.

The advantages of the SKY Raincoat

  • Rain protection: sealed seams, fully lined hood and waterproof. Polyester fabric 100% coated with Oxford 300D polyurethane.
  • High protection against cold: can be used alone or with the ROCKET detachable jacket or with the FALCON softshell. In addition, it has a velcro adjuster at the bottom of the sleeves and a drawstring at the bottom of the parka.
  • Washable: Washable taffeta lining and fleece lined collar for comfort.
  • Optimal day and night visibility: microspherical retroreflective tape.
  • Size amplitude:  it is manufactured in six different sizes: from S to XXXL. If another size is required, it can be consulted.

Why choose T2S Ibérica to buy work raincoats?

In T2S Ibérica, we are a reference company in retroreflective materials in Spain and Portugal. For more than 30 years, we have pursued the goal of leading the sector of this type of material, through constant innovation in all our products.

This is how we have managed to become a benchmark in the sector. And it is for that same reason that our customers continue to decide to us every day when it comes to acquiring high visibility garments for work environments that require this type of equipment.

Contact T2S Ibérica to purchase work raincoats and other hi-vis garments

If you need advice on buying labour raincoats for your company, we invite you to contact our sales team. You can do so by calling 93 848 05 68, sending an email to [email protected], or through our contact form. We will be happy to assist you!


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