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A softshell work jacket is a must-have for many people who work outdoors. These workers must have clothing that can protect them from inclement weather and also in fire situations. This includes high visibility to avoid accidents without losing comfort of movement and warmth. 

This ability to move is what allows operators to carry out their profession in a precise and concrete way. T2S Ibérica relies on softshell technology for its work jackets.


¿Softshell work jacket: what is it? 

Softshell, soft shell in English, is a fabric in which priority is given to protection without this meaning losing the lightness of movements. Its origin can be found in adventure or mountain sports clothing. The flexibility, the thermal insulation, its impermeability and protection against winds made the qualities of this technology to be applied in softshell work jackets.


¿How is softshell made? 

Softshell fabric is generally made with three different overlapping layers that are pressed together by attaching a breathable membrane in the middle. Three-layer jackets have these components:

  •  Outer Layer

It is a layer of synthetic polyester or nylon fabric that provides flexibility and impermeability to the garment. Its membrane contains thousands of tiny pores, too small for water to penetrate, but large enough to allow steam to move from the inside out. It allows body moisture not to be a problem for the worker, keeping the skin dry and protecting body temperature.


  •  Intermediate layer

 It has a windproof membrane in the center. Its purpose is to prevent cold air from infiltrating the inner layer and coming into contact with the torso, causing the inner layer to lose heat.


  • Inner layer

It has a layer of micro fleece and maintains body heat. This fabric is composed of a light microfiber, providing warmth, comfort and total flexibility. Here thermoregulation is ensured in very light garments, achieving the necessary thermal insulation. It is a material with a very high resistance to tearing, cuts and abrasions.


Softshell technology applied to work clothes 

Softshell plays a vital role in high visibility workwear. Its three layers with different materials provide the necessary warmth for those who work outdoors, even at night or in adverse weather conditions.

So that both men and women feel protected and comfortable to carry out tasks both on the road and on public roads, T2S Ibérica’s softshell work jackets comply with all the required safety and protection standards. They also have all the sizes regulated by the size law.


Work on public roads means that clothing is exposed to constant dirt from the roads. For this reason, softshell work jackets and, by extension, the rest of clothing with softshell technology, must allow easy washing that does not damage their materials. 

For this reason, T2S Ibérica softshell garments can be washed in domestic washing machines. Do not forget to close all zippers, pockets and remove the batteries from the LED lights before washing them.


 Our softshell work jackets 


Softshell work jackets, thanks to the combination of a fleece lining, a porous microfiber and a windbreaker, are a very comfortable and functional garment for road work in almost all types of weather conditions.

TS2 Ibérica offers different models of personal protective equipment (PPE) with softshell technology. All have segmented microspherical retroreflective tape and a neck fastening system for better support inside the parka. 

Get the best softshell work jackets at T2S Ibérica 


Find the high-quality softshell work jacket and professional, safe, functional clothing with the best designs at T2S Ibérica. You can contact us at [email protected] or call us at +34 93 848 05 68 for personalized attention.


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