Waterproof trousers

We have waterproof work pants with unbeatable value for money. With a long history in the high visibility clothing market, at T2S Ibérica we are aware of the intrinsic challenges of this sector, which is why we constantly seek to innovate and present products that adapt to the needs of our customers. 

In this sense, waterproof work trousers are fundamental pieces in all civil works, since they not only provide comfort, but also protect the worker in challenging conditions. Therefore, below, we present the most notable features of this product and what to expect from the model that we have in our catalogue.


¿What features do our waterproof work pants have?  


First, at T2S Ibérica we advocate always complying with the strictest quality standards, which is why our high visibility clothing has all the corresponding guarantees. Designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, these waterproof work pants are also breathable, keeping the worker in optimal physical condition while performing their duties.

However, another determining aspect is that they are light, allowing a greater range of movement in the person. This, considering that jobs in civil works or maintenance require greater physical effort than other professions. For this reason, our company, as a market leader in the distribution of high visibility clothing, maintains that these needs must be covered by each garment you purchase.


Likewise, the solid seams of this type of clothing make it very durable so that they can be constantly reused without requiring more maintenance than daily washing according to a series of specific standards. Their construction requires a specific type of cleaning, but beyond that, they are waterproof pants that are easy to use.

Our waterproof work pants are also high visibility 

On the other hand, the waterproof work pants that we manufacture at T2S Ibérica have retroreflective tapes that allow better visibility in difficult environments. 

Imagine that a torrential rain hits a job site, but on the side of the road, cars can see the workers who are there. Basically, this is the premise of these garments, which is why they are essential for this sector of work.


Introducing the waterproof work pants SPEED 

 Being able to be combined with SKY raincoats and additional supports, the SPEED rain pants are completely sealed to protect the integrity of the wearer. With its due ISO 20471 and 343 certifications, this guarantees that cold and water do not penetrate its surface. This is a great advantage for outdoor work, as changing weather conditions are often a major factor in delaying construction sites.


However, it is crucial to note that, among its technical characteristics, the SPEED waterproof work pants are also very comfortable. As for this, these high visibility garments have their respective laces and microsphere retroreflective tapes on each leg, improving their performance at night work or in inclement rain. 

On the other hand, by implementing an Oxford 3000 fabric, 100% polyester with a polyurethane coating, this means that the rain, no matter how strong it is, does not come into direct contact with the body of those who wear these waterproof pants.


At T2S Ibérica we consider that, in rainy times, acquiring this piece is an act of logic and intelligence, since in addition to its characteristics, its price is adequate in the current market. This, considering that it can also be complemented with other garments to obtain better work performance and in terms of industrial safety. 

Another strong point of these pants is that they come in different sizes and in two shades, so they are functional for uniformity at work, and can also be interchangeable depending on the personnel who access them.

¿Why buy your waterproof work pants at T2S Ibérica? 

Our premise is to guarantee the satisfaction of our customers, and as manufacturers, traders and distributors of high-quality products, these SPEED pants are essential garments for any distribution and purchase-sale purpose.

Similarly, our business model at T2S Ibérica implies that, logistically, we try to be large-scale suppliers of these products, generating added value to high-visibility clothing for different purposes.

Significantly, SPEED waterproof work trousers allow for a higher degree of safety in outdoor work environments, thereby demonstrating the quality of these garments. 

For this and many more reasons, if you have any questions, we are at your disposal to resolve them. In this context, at T2S Ibérica you can contact us through our website, filling out a form so that we can assist you as soon as possible. ¡We are waiting for you!


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