Having high-visibility waterproof clothing is essential not only for safety, but also for the comfort of workers. That is why, at T2S Ibérica, we design the most comfortable work clothes, to take care of workers even in the most adverse weather conditions.

With that premise in mind, in addition to offering high-visibility waterproof clothing, we also manufacture outerwear for winter weather, and others with UV protection for warmer days. Our goal is to guarantee the safety of workers through PPE that are more comfortable for employees, when performing their work. 

High visibility waterproof clothing: the catalogue of T2S Ibérica

In T2S Ibérica we have a wide variety of high visibility waterproof clothing to guarantee the comfort, comfort and safety of workers at all times. Here are some of the waterproof garments we offer in our high-visibility workwear catalogue.

High visibility raincoats

high visibility waterproof clothing
  • Nepal raincoat: it is a garment made of 100% laminated polyester of two layers Ripstop, which is a water-resistant and breathable fabric. It is also characterized by being a light parka, which weighs just 200 g / m2.

  • Annapurna raincoat: it is a waterproof and breathable garment, made of 100% polyester fabric, a breathable fabric with microporous induction. It can be worn alone or with a detachable jacket for added protection from the cold.

  • Cap Horn raincoat: This parka offers total protection against rain, thanks to its front zipper closure under double closure flap, its bottom of the sleeves with hook adjustment and the loop and waterproof neoprene cuffs. It can be complemented with Cap Horn waterproof pants.

  • Long Life Raincoat: This model not only offers the most protection against rain, but is also made from recycled materials. In addition, the areas most exposed to wear have the CORDURA® fabric, which can prolong its durability for up to another year.

  • Everest raincoat: it stands out for its lightness and silky touch. It is an ultra-breathable and waterproof piece that has three layers with water-repellent treatment. It can be combined with Everest pants.

Además de los modelos mencionados, contamos con otros modelos de chubasqueros de alta visibilidad, tal como los modelos Everglades, Bermudes, Amazone y Everest.

Waterproof pants

At T2S Ibérica, we also design waterproof trousers, to guarantee the total protection of workers from the rain.

high visibility waterproof clothing
  • Nepal pants: it is an ultra-breathable and waterproof model, which guarantees the greatest comfort thanks to its design with reinforced knees, the comfort triangle in the crotch, the reinforcement in the lower part of each leg, the back protector and the elastic waist.

  • Bermudes pants: it is a high visibility trousers made of KNitted with PU Nittex Storm to ensure waterproofness.

  • Everest pants: they are ultra-comfortable and waterproof pants, made of a three-layer laminated fabric with water-repellent treatment for optimal protection against rain. They do not have a lining and have a reinforcement in the lower part of each leg. One of their great advantages is that they are easy to wear, even with safety shoes. It can be combined with the Everest raincoat.

  • Everglades pants: This fully lined trousers has sealed seam, which makes it a total protection against rain.

In addition to the models presented, we have the Cap Horn model and Etna. Like the rest of our high-visibility waterproof pants, these offer great protection from water and provide a high level of comfort.

Waterproof Accessories

At T2S Ibérica, we know closely the needs of our customers, since we have more than 3 decades of experience. Therefore, in addition to high-visibility waterproof clothing, we also have accessories for rain.

  • Canyon Backpack: is a 100% waterproof dry bag that protects equipment against sand, dust, mud, and water. In addition, it is very comfortable, thanks to its ergonomic padded back.

  • Identification bracelet: it is an ideal accessory to keep the identifications of workers in sight, and protected from inclement weather, such as rain, sand, dust, and everything that could damage them.

high visibility waterproof clothing

Ask your questions about our high visibility waterproof clothing

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